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How An Asian-American Doctor Handles White Nationalists Who Refuse Her Care


After all of the terrifying and tragic events that occurred in Charlottesville the conversation about race and white supremacy has been fore fronting the media with voices coming loud and strong from opposing opinions. For some people this is a wake up call that, a form of proof that these types of issues have never truly disappeared and that we all need to take action and start speaking up.

Others have been quietly dealing with racially issues for their entire lives though, including Asian-American Doctor Esther Choo. As a doctor you actually have to take an oath that you agree to help people of all backgrounds and life choices, and this includes white supremacists. Choo, who works in Oregon, has recently taken to Twitter to share her experiences as an Asian-American Doctor facing racial profiling as well as white supremacists refusing to take her care.

This is not the type of issue that everyone has to deal with, and it can be a lot to grasp. Choo has perfectly outlined her take on these types of issues as well as how she deals with this on what very well could be a daily basis.

Keep on reading to see Choo’s politically correct and truthful Tweets about how she handles white supremacists and refusal of her care in the work place.

Esther Choo is an emergency physician and is also an associate professor at the Oregon Health and Science University. 

Following the ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Virginia, Choo has taken to Twitter to express her experiences with racism and white nationalists in the work place. 

Choo has had to deal with white supremacists who have at times out right refused her care. Although she probably was more effected by such when she first started her career, she now takes the high road. 

It’s completely understandable that Choo would have been hurt by such treatment in the past but now she deals with these issues in as calm and a professional manner as she can. 

“Breathtaking, isn’t it? To be so wedded to your theory of white superiority, that you will bet your life on it, even in the face of clear evidence to the contrary?” Choo writes. 

There have even been cases in which she has found herself in this position, when the patient decides to just leave the hospital all together. 

You probably remember the video from the Hospital in Mississauga, Ontario in which a woman refuses service from the Doctor on site and demands that her child be seen by a ‘white doctor’. This is the exact situation Choo faces. 

As you can see from her Tweets, she is extremely self aware and deals with the white supremacists maturely and politically. This is not an easy place to get to but it is inspiring and important. 

Choo explains that she did used to feel hurt by these types of racial profiling and oppression and it would bring about feelings of anger, shame, and disbelief but she counteracts that with compassion.

‘It’s a hell of a hard thing to maintain that level of hate face-to-face.’ Choo writes. Her thread on twitter has received thousands of likes, replies, and retweets. 

Her thread has even attracted the attention of George Takei, Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley, and Chelsea Clinton. 

Her philosophy on this matter and several other similar issues is inspiring, and very needed in the current state of the world we all call home.  


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