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Don’t Get Married Before You Ask Your Partner These 8 Questions

It’s not easy to decide whether your partner is someone you should spend the rest of your life with. Usually making the decision becomes easier over time as you get to know the person and have a firmer grasp on their values.

Though time does make it easier, there are other factors that can make the decision a challenging one. Typically when you fall in love, it becomes difficult for you to recognize the traits of your partner that may cause you to be incompatible.

But it is essential that you critically analyze those aspects because love alone is not enough to maintain a lasting and mutually-respectful relationship. Choosing the right partner is extremely important and so it’s essential that you make the best choice for you. Here is a list of questions you should ask your partner and thoroughly discuss before getting married:

1) What does your relationship with your family and friends look like? What role will your two families and friends play in your life together? This spans everything from short visits, to extended stays, to holidays and special events.

2) What is your financial goal in terms of annual income and what are your expenses like? For your annual income, this includes how much you earn together and what your collective goal is, as well as your individual goals and how you anticipate achieving them. In terms of your expenses, this can include the percentage of income you’re each willing to spend on maintaining your home as well as your categories of expenses such as clothing, insurance, and travel etc.

3) Will you have children together? If you both want children, how many children do you want to have, and when? How will having children change the way you currently live?

4) How ambitious are you? Are you comfortable with each other’s level of ambition? How will this affect how much time you spend at work and your commitment to your career/family?

5) Are you each satisfied with the frequency of your intimacy? Do your desire levels match and how do you cope if they don’t?

6) Are you happy with each other’s approach to health? Does one of you have a habit or habits that concerns the other? How important is a healthy lifestyle to you and what does that encompass?

7) Do you share a religion or spiritual practice and in what way does that play a part in your life together? Do you each belong to a religious institution? How much time do you devote to your religious practice and are you each understanding and respectful of the other’s choices?

8) How do you share responsibilities in terms of kids and household duties? Who is responsible for the housekeeping and how do you divvy up your chores? Will having a child affect your work schedule or reduce your work hours?


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