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Astonished People Share Their Most Unusual Coincidence Stories


Some of us tend to believe that there is a divine creator in this world. The beauty, the intricacies and the delicate designs that have constituted this world seem to point to an intelligent mind behind all this.

When you look at the hollow bones of the birds that allow them to fly or the camouflaging capabilities of a cephalopod, we can quickly see that there is a beauty and a design behind the world that we live in. Even the environment that we have been born into is specifically bred so that living things can excel there. Things such as nitrogen, oxygen, and water that is present on Earth make this place just perfect for living things.

And then when we zoom out and look at how galaxies resemble brain neurons and how stardust is literally found in all of us, it’s kind of hard for us to deny a greater intelligent being. But on a subjective level, we can look back at our lives and find instances where things just seem to come together. Coincidences that seem to favor you or chance encounters that you literally just thought of.

‘I met a girl in Romania and we ended up spending a lot of time together. Years later when I went to Paris I saw her in the elevator. I was genuinely surprised and when I brought it to her attention she was a little shocked. But after a quick introduction, we ended up hitting it off as if the years between us were never there.’ (Guarav Deshmukh)


‘I found my husband on the beach with his lover. We don’t even live close to the beach but when I saw him all I said to him was ‘it’s a small world huh?’ He didn’t say anything to me and we ended up getting divorced three months later.’ (Kathleen Lloveras)


‘When I was just 17 years old I had to give up my son for adoption because the father was going off to war in Vietnam. When the father returned we ended up getting married and more than 34 years later we ended up reuniting with him at our daughter’s college.’ (Ila Fox Manner)


‘When I was a kid, I was playing at a playground and pushed a kid a little too hard and broke his arm. Years later at college, I got a roommate and we ended up talking about our childhoods. Turns out he was the one whose arm I had broken.’ (Anonymous)


‘When a relative passed away suddenly I was responsible for paying for the funeral as the next of kin. I had barely any money but I paid for it anyway. When I got back home, I found out that I had overpaid my tax returns and the IRS sent me back almost the exact same amount that I had spent on the funeral.’ (Jim Stewart)


‘As a college sophomore, I went to France by myself. As I was sitting in the Notre Dame Cathedral my girlfriend from high school ended up sitting in the pew right next to me. We were both pretty speechless and we ended up getting married more than 10 years later.’ (Back2Bach)


‘When I was a kid I was flying a Winnie the Pooh kite and the wind just up and took it away. As the string came loose and zoomed away, Pooh Bear was gone. But later that night my dad came home to see a string hanging from the gutter. It ended up being my kite.’ (boyskissinboys)


‘When I went to Six Flags as a kid, I brought in a tiny swiss army keychain knife and they didn’t let me bring it in. So I decided to hide it in a plant but there was another knife that was already there! When I came back to retrieve it, the other knife was gone and was replaced with a smiley face in the soil.’ (Robinson217)


‘I once dated a guy back in high school, who lived on the same street as me as a child, went to the same kindergarten, and was also born in the same hospital. We ended up all having the same piano teacher as kids and we later got married.’ (Anne Arneson)


‘I met a Senegalese student in Sweden while I was at school. When I was there, I didn’t have any money or food so he gave me what little he had. Years later, I saw him on a train and when he didn’t have enough money for the train, I let him on since I was the conductor.’ (Ciaran Quinn)


‘I was out hiking one day when I put my bag down and saw a squirrel rummaging through my knapsack. In an effort to get it to go away, I threw some sticks and stones at it. Later that day, several people began shouting at me to move out of the way when they saw a big rock rolling down the hill towards me. Several people said they saw a squirrel dislodge that rock.’ (Jonathan Dushoff)


‘I lost my phone in a cab once and having paid in cash they were unable to track down my cellular device. Later that night when I went home, I realized it was the same cab and found my phone stuck in between the seats!’ (myrevenge)


‘I was on a trip to Antarctica when I met another fellow tourist named Tom. He was with his family as well. Later that year when the family and I went to Machu Picchu, we reunited with Tom’s family without planning it in advance.’ (stearman007)


‘After orientation in college, I went back to my dorm to meet my roommate. We introduced ourselves and talked for a bit. It turns out that we used to be best friends in grade 1 and 2 before his family moved out of town.’ (simplesimon6262)


‘Back when I was a kid we would spray innocent passersby with a water gun. Later in my life when I tried to sell a house, an old retired lady backed out at the last second. She said that when she drove by earlier to see the house, someone had sprayed her with a water balloon!’ (rugdivot)


‘As a kid, we would egg people’s houses. It was just random, we would go and throw eggs at houses that we thought were nice. When we got back to school the next day, the principal had a huge assembly about ‘after school activities’ and how it is inappropriate to ‘target’ certain members of the administration.’ (Anonymous)


‘It was in the 1930’s in Detroit when a man saved a baby that fell from a high window. The man was able to catch the baby and safely bring it back to mom. Years later, the same man would save another baby from another high window.’ (Anonymous)


‘These twin boys who had been separated at birth and adopted by different families ended up rekindling their familial relationship. Turns out that they both became artists who love to paint and also teach guitar on the side.’ (Reader’s Digest)


‘In 1990, there was a 15-year-old boy who took his GCSE examinations at his high school in Flintshire. His name was James Bond and the reference number on his examination paper was none other than 007.’ (Mirror)


‘Two twins who had been adopted by different families ended up having the same name, being married to a woman named Linda and then remarrying with another woman named Betty. They both had sons and both went to law enforcement school to work as sheriffs.’ (Mirror)


‘It was in 2003 when a 67-year-old woman suffered a heart attack on an airplane. Luckily there were 15 cardiologists on board who were on their way to a conference who ended up saving the lady’s life.’ (Mirror)


‘During the 1920’s there were three Englishmen who all ended up sitting in the same carriage. When they introduced themselves, they realized the eerie similarity. One man was named Powell, the other named Bingham and the third was named Bingham-Powell.’ (Mirror)


‘In the book called Futility, a giant ship called Titan hit an iceberg and sank. More than half of the passengers died due to a lack of lifeboats. This book was more than 14 years before the Titanic sank.’ (Mirror)


‘In 1883, a man broke up with his girlfriend and she ended up killing herself. Years later, the girl’s brother would try and kill the man. After shooting him in the face, he turned the gun to himself. But the bullet only grazed the man’s face and got lodged in the tree behind him. Years later when the man tried to take down the tree with dynamite, the bullet went straight into his skull.’ (Anonymous)



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