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Atheist Doctor’s Last Words to His Wife Are “Don’t Call 911.” 7 Days Later, He Hears: “You’re Going Back”

Have you ever had a near-death experience that changed your life forever, or perhaps even changed the way you look at or perceive things?

This is what happened to neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander. He did not believe in heaven or the possibility of an afterlife until he slipped into a coma one day and experienced what he calls the afterlife.

8 million Americans claim that they have had a near-death experience, and this is just one of them. Here is Dr. Alexander’s story.

One evening while Dr. Alexander was sleeping, he awoke from a deep sleep to severe and excruciating pain. He was unsure of what the problem was, but believed that he was having a muscle spasm.

Dr. Alexander told his wife not to call 911. Those were the last words he said to her before slipping into a coma.

When Dr. Alexander arrived at the hospital, doctors determined that he had not suffered from a muscle spasm as Dr. Alexander had originally predicted.

Dr. Alexander’s odd ailment was actually bacterial meningitis which had traveled to his brain, infecting it and leaving him in a deep coma.  Doctors told his wife that he may never wake up. His brain showed no signs of activity, and hopes of him surviving were slim.

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