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Top 10 Attractive IQs and Riddles With Answers


One great way to keep the mind sharp and exercised is to do a couple of brain teasers or riddles. The brain is the most important muscle in the body. Therefore it needs to be given as much attention as the rest of the body. Other ways you can stretch your brain muscles can be to

  • Do puzzles,
  • Play an educational game,
  • Read.

But one of the fastest ways to get the juices flowing is to take 30 seconds to try and solve a riddle. Riddles and IQ questions can vary in difficulty, but they’ll do the same job.

Here are ten awesome riddles that will really get you thinking. How many did you answer correctly? The first image will be the question, and the post following will be the answer. Make sure to read carefully!

1. The amount of details in this one might throw you off a bit. But the answer is actually quite simple. This man is trapped in a room with a small hole in the ceiling and two doors. Behind one door is a hungry lion, and behind the other is a tunnel which magnifies the sun to deathly degrees. How does he escape?

No trickery here, it doesn’t involve opening one door and trapping the lion in the hot room, all he would have to do to escape would be to wait until night time and sneak out when the sun’s rays can’t hurt him!

3. Does this remind you of some of the problems you might have seen on your elementary math test? Try not to think too hard about that!

This question actually has nothing to do with math, the only similarity between the three numbers is that all three of them read the same when looked at upside down!

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