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Aunt Posts Horrifying Proof That Her Nephew Is Being Abused


In this disturbing story, a mother named Janelle Peterkin was caught abusing her son on camera when she was supposedly arguing with their son’s father. The videos were sent to the child’s Aunt, Ra’Neicha Broadnax who described the boy’s mother, Janelle Peterkin doing terrible things to her son.

Supposedly, the mother was angry with their son’s father as he had gotten a new girlfriend. This was when she decided to start sending photos and videos of her torturing and abusing their baby boy.

The contents of the video are too disturbing to be shown on television, and those who have seen it have described it as such. When Broadnax saw the videos she knew she had to do something to protect her nephew.

23-year-old Janelle Peterkin was in court earlier this month facing charges for the endangerment of a child. It seems that Janelle was jealous of their child’s father as he had found a new woman.

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Most news sources are not showing much of the videos, as they are very upsetting. They include footage of Janelle putting a bag over her screaming child’s head, burning his hands with cigarettes, and hitting him.

She can be heard saying ‘tell your daddy’ and reportedly threatened to kill him if his father didn’t respond.

When Ra’neicha saw the videos she decided to contact the police but she told The Sun that they were ‘giving her the run around’ and it wasn’t until she posted the abuse to Facebook that the case was picked up by authorities.

Ra’neicha described the video to be disturbing with the child’s own mother gagging him with a plastic bag, making him throw up, and burning him. She said her nephew’s eyes were rolling back and he was gagging and screaming.

She said that when she first pressed play, she immediately started crying. She also explained that the video had initially been sent to the father’s new girlfriend.

After calling the police in Texas in an attempt to get them to help her nephew, they told her that she would need to call the police in Richmond, Virginia where she was. Ra’neicha didn’t understand how the police in Richmond would be able to help her nephew in Texas so she posted the images of the video’s content in an attempt to get the department’s attention.

Within thirty minutes, police departments from different states began contacting her. Humble Texas Police called back as well as child protective services.

She explained how worried she was about her nephew during this time. ‘I thought she had killed him.’

Janelle has since been arrested by officers from the Houston Police force and the Harris County District Attorney’s office has accepted charges against her.

Official court documents state that she placed her son’s life in imminent danger by ‘stuffing a plastic bag in the complainant’s mouth and covering the complainant’s head with a plastic bag and tying it in a knot,’ according to The Sun.

Janelle was released from jail on a $15,000 bond and is now facing child endangerment charges.  

The child is now safe and in the care of other family members, according to Ra’Neicha. Janelle was reportedly ordered to stay 200 meters away from her son.

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According to ABC13, after the story aired on Eyewitness News at 10 p.m., Janelle contacted them demanding the story be taken down. She reportedly said that the story was inaccurate and wanted to giver her side, but offered no further information.

There are two sides to every story, and so far without Janelle’s input, she very much appears to be in the wrong. If there is more going on with her mental health, hopefully, she gets the help she needs eventually.

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Stories like this are terribly upsetting, but at least this baby boy survived the abuse and is now in safe hands, hopefully for good.


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