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Autistic Teenage Boy Killed His Family On New Year’s Eve

Scott Kologi is an autistic 16-year-old boy who gunned down his family members on New Year’s Eve. As reported by the New York Daily News, Scott fatally shot his father, mother, sister, and his grandfather’s partner at their home in Jersey Shore. News of the horrific murder stunned the middle-class town that is located about an hour south of New York City.

As reported by NY Daily News, Scott’s brother and grandfather were both present at the home at the time of the shooting but the two men were able to escape. (It is important to note that officials have not revealed the identity of the shooter but local and national media accounts such as NY Daily News have revealed the shooter’s name.)

According to Christopher Gramiccioni, who is the Monmouth County Prosecutor, he said that Scott used a semiautomatic rifle to kill his parents, Steven and Linda Kologi, as well as his 18-year-old sister Brittany and his grandfather’s 70-year-old partner, Mary Schulz.

As reported by NY Daily News, Scott killed his family members just 20 minutes before the family would have rung in the new year. He gunned down four of his family members at close range and the prosecutor revealed that when police got to the Kologi house they were able to apprehend him without incidence. 

NY Daily News

The firearm that was used as the murder weapon was a Century Arms rifle according to the prosecutor. Christopher Gramiccioni went on to say that the gun was legally owned by a member of the family but would not identify who it was.


According to, the firearm is said to belong to Scott’s father who was a veteran at the time of his death.


Scott has since been charged with four counts of first-degree murder and one count of possession of a firearm for an unlawful purpose. It was initially unclear whether or not Scott would be tried as an adult.


But as reported by the NY Daily News ‘the 16-year-old gunman will be charged as an adult later Monday with four counts of murder as well as one count of possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes.’ According to NBC New York, Scott is currently being held at a juvenile detention facility.

NY Daily News

During an interview with, a family friend of the Kologi’s, Jalen Wells, described Scott as a boy who ‘required special assistance and was cared for by his mother.’ The teen did not attend the same public schools as his brother and sister.


The motive for this brutal slaying is unclear at this time but a family friend by the name of Joe Rios described Scott as the ‘nicest kid in the world.’


During an interview with The New York Post, he said: ‘he came to watch the softball games with Linda and he was always smiling. This is totally out of the blue. This is not something I ever thought this young boy would do. I don’t know what happened. He was not a violent kid. He was always smiling.’


When Scott’s grandmother, Carole Kologi-Zawacki, learned of the murders, she broke down in tears. As reported by, the 66-year-old grandmother’s husband, Gregory Zawacki, stated that Scott was indeed autistic.


Sergio Diaz, who is a neighbor of the Kologi’s, reported hearing multiple gunshots late at night. During an interview with NY Daily News, he said: ‘I went out to get a few beers off the porch and I heard pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. I heard like 10 shots. Next thing I know, I see the police lights.’

According to The Daily Mail, the Kologi family filed for bankruptcy back in 2009 and the father, at the time, had worked as a mail carrier for over ten years while the mother was unemployed. The parents reported only but a few assets which included their family home and several Honda Accords.


Steven Kologi wrote a heartfelt letter on Instagram after learning of his parents’ death. He wrote: ‘my New Year’s resolution is to be as great of a parent as my parents were to me. I know many of you don’t want to read long bios but they were the greatest parents I could ask for. Never once was I without a hot meal or a roof over my head. They made sure Christmas came every year although they struggled financially.’

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