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This Is The Average Number Of Sexual Partners A Person Has In A Lifetime

Growing up is interesting for a variety of reasons. As a kid, you might not have wondered how many partners you’d have before you found ‘the one’, especially if you were raised in a traditional household. You probably never considered how many people you would date or how many sexual partners you’d have, but thanks to a recent survey from Superdog we now have the answer.

The survey looked at 2000 adults in the United States and Europe, and as it turns out people’s average number of sexual partners actually varies from country to country. The results show that people in the U.S have an average number of about 7.2 sexual partners during their lifetime while people in the UK were at an average of 7 and people in the Netherlands averaged 6.9 partners.

Superdog also took the survey one step further and broke down the U.S numbers by state. Those in Louisiana had the highest average of sexual partners at an average of 15.7 while Utah residents were at the opposite end of the spectrum with an average of 2.6 partners.

The survey also acknowledges cultural differences and societal expectations when it comes to disclosing the number of sexual partners you’ve had thus far. “When disclosing details to a partner, men are more prone to inflating their number of sexual partners, while women are more likely to report fewer than their true number,” the survey claims.

Overall, it isn’t too shocking to imagine that people probably lie when asked about the number of partners they’ve slept with. Still, it is interesting to see how the numbers differ from country to country or even just from state to state.

The average number of sexual partners should be taken with a grain of salt considering how many people were asked and the variation in numbers to reach an average. There’s nothing to be ashamed of if your number does not reflect the average (whether it’s above or below) and all that matters is your personal comfort and feelings.

Sex has minimal bearing on your worth as a human being and does not reflect the value of your personhood. Despite society’s obsession with knowing how many people our partners or friends have slept with, it should never change the way a person thinks about you and if it does then you’ve probably dodged a bullet anyway!

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