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16 Awesome Photos From History That Will make You Nostalgic


Every once in a while, it’s nice to look back at old family albums and remember the happy simpler times. Looking at baby pictures or pictures of your old room really bring back memories of a time with no smartphones or iPads.

The photos you’re about to see really remind us of what’s important in life and what we should appreciate. With technology today, people are forgetting about the little things that are far more important than updating statuses on Facebook or swiping left on a guy.

Whether it’s seeing old photos of your life or old photos in general, we can’t help but be filled with feelings of nostalgia. Here are 16 photos from history that will make you nostalgic. They are sure to make you reminisce!

1. This is a picture of the only witness to the Battle of Borodino, which was fought in 1812. It was taken a century later when this soldier was allegedly 117 years old.

2. In the 1950’s, bald men were used as ‘lipstick testers’ for new products. They were invited for testing by large factories who manufactured lipsticks.

3. Anything Robin Williams does can make you teary eyed. But seeing this old photo of him dressed as a cheerleader is sure to make anyone smile.

4. Chiropractors weren’t so accessible in the late 40s, especially to the poor. This photo, taken in Romania, shows a bear healing this woman’s back.

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