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10 Awesome Toothpaste Life Hacks


We all use toothpaste on a daily basis to clean our teeth, but what if I told you that toothpaste can also be used for a whole boatload of other things?

From cleaning stains to removing scratches on furniture, toothpaste can actually come in pretty handy sometimes and help with things around the house. You might never expect toothpaste of all things to come in handy in so many situations, but you’d be surprised.

Here are 10 awesome toothpaste life hacks.

1. If you have kids or are around kids a lot, you probably know that they just love to color over absolutely anything when they get their hands on crayons or markers…especially walls.

Well, there’s a solution for those pesky stains, and it’s toothpaste! If you’re having trouble cleaning off the stains on your wall or furniture, smooth some toothpaste over the stain and use a toothbrush to brush it off. The toothpaste will get the stain right off!

2. Are your sneakers looking dirty and worn out? This can happen a lot with sneakers, especially if they’re white.

Well, just like toothpaste can help remove stains from walls and furniture, it can also help remove stains from your shoes. If you rub some toothpaste on your sneaker and brush it with a toothbrush, it will whiten it right up and make it look brand new!

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