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28 Most Awkward Family Photos Ever


Think of the most clever family photo you’ve ever seen, and then picture all the failed attempts that must have happened to get them to that point. Luckily, the internet never forgets the fails (or anything for that matter). If you were to guess the content of the most awkward family photos of all-time, your mind would probably race to three things:

  • Unnecessary nudity,
  • Inclusion of pets,
  • Terrible outfits.

You wouldn’t be wrong, those are indeed the three things that are the worst offenders in this list, but there are some others that just can’t be left out.

Here are some of the worst family photos of all-time:

1. Young children are never easy to photograph together, since their attention is drawn away so quickly. But these three have a common feeling about what would have been a beautiful picture.


2. Alright Dad, what made you think we wouldn’t be able to see your hands?


3. This is hard to even focus on, but there is so much going on here. From the tiny little one in the middle, to the turtle-necked patriarch, this is just a whole pile of awesome.


4. Aw, what an adorable picture! If only the child wasn’t completely horrified.


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