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10 Awkward Fashion Items That Don’t Make Any Sense

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Fashion is more than just wearing a piece of clothing. It’s a form of expression and a way to show people who you truly are. Whether it’s purchasing shoes that some may find a little “out there” or getting a plain t-shirt, style is all about YOU.

But there are some things that people choose to wear that makes a lot of us question a thing or two. Not that we’re judging or anything, but there are those that walk by us and just make us wonder ‘why?’

These things don’t only make us question the person who purchased it but also we really would be curious in finding out what exactly the people who made these products were thinking. Maybe they wanted to pull a little prank?

Regardless what their intentions were or why people actually bought it, here are 10 of the most awkward fashion choices in the summer of 2017!

1) Not exactly sure why this was made or why anyone would really want to buy it, but these things are made to enhance your beauty (we think.)

2) If you’re told by your friends and family that you are not an emotional person, then don’t worry. There’s a product that’s got you covered.

Try on these crystallized tears that essentially hang by a thread from your eyeballs. They’ll show people your emotions.  

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