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Babies That Look More Like Celebrities Than Their Real Parents

Genetics is a fickle thing. Sometimes children come out looking exactly like one parent and nothing like the other, or sometimes they don’t look like either parent and people wonder where on earth they got their genes from. And other times, kids wind up being the perfect blend of their parents to the point where they look like someone new entirely.

But, what if your baby came out looking like a celebrity? It’s one thing for your baby to maybe look like your mother or grandfather, but someone completely unrelated? Well, it happens!

If there can be a whole list of animals that look like celebrities, then why not have a list of little kids who also strike a resemblance to Jay-Z? In this article, we’re bringing you 12 photos of babies who look like your favorite (or not) celebrity.

1. This two-year-old may or may not look like their parents but they most certainly do look like Ed Sheeran. In fact, are we sure this isn’t Ed Sheeran as a baby?

Celeb1 Twitter / @1TD

2. This kid looks a lot like Mrs. Doubtfire, they even have similar glasses.

3. And this kid looks so much like Danny DeVito that we’re not sure Danny D isn’t their father, honestly.

4. Of course, there’s also this kid who 100% looks like Jay-Z as a child. In fact, we think a case could be made that is just a photo of Jay-Z as a child.

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