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This Baby Animal Was Crying For Help, Rescuers Are Surprised To Discover How Cute It Is


Animals are cute and adorable mainly because they are generally innocent. Even when they are apex predators, they kill and eat due to survival and not for any malicious purpose.

However, it could be this exact same ‘innocence’ that gets them into trouble. A strange animal was spotted by local residents when it was calling out for help.

But after it was rescued, it turned out not to be so strange after all.

Read more to find out.

Gwen Maxwell is an 85-year-old woman who works as a golf course maintenance staff. It was on her way home one day when she noticed something was a little off.

She saw what looked to be a little dog crossing the street but it was covered in cacti. The tiny animal was so covered in cacti that Gwen wasn’t even sure if it was a puppy to begin with.

Upon closer inspection, Gwen realized that the tiny animal was covered with cacti around his legs, face, and shoulders.

At one point the animal was so battered and in pain that it simply collapsed and fell over. Gwen said that right when she rushed over to help, the animal collapsed. ‘He’d get up and tumble around with all those chollas on him and it was just so heartbreaking.’

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