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This Mom’s Tragic Story Shows Just How Dangerous It Can Be to Sleep on Different Floors

Keri Hall Volmert is a mother of two and when she put her 17-month old daughter to bed one night on February 28, nothing in the world could have prepared her for her baby girl’s sudden death. Sammie Joyce was just 17 months old when she died of hyperthermia in her bedroom. This is one of the dangers of sleeping on separate floors from your kids.

When Keri heard the ‘desperation and screeching panic’ in her husband’s voice the next morning she knew something was wrong.

After failed attempts at resuscitating Sammie at the emergency room, the young girl was pronounced dead.

Keri shared her tragic story on Facebook. ‘I changed my precious baby into her tiny nightgown, wiped her snotty little nose, walked through the living room with her in my arms as she proudly said “night night” to her Daddy and big brother.’

baby died from hypothermiaFacebook

She said that when she placed her in her crib that she cried ‘a little bit’ but she fully expected her to be asleep within two minutes ‘as she always has.’

baby died from hypothermiaFacebook

‘The desperation and screeching panic in my husband’s voice the next morning as he went to retrieve her from upstairs is something I will never forget.’

baby overheat in bedroomFacebook

She went on to say that she saw her husband run down the upstairs hallway and say to her ‘I think Sammie is dead.’


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