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24 Baby Hippos That Will Make Everything Better

When we think of hippos we think of the big grey animals that we see at the zoo. Most of us would say that they aren’t the cutest animals you get to see when visiting a zoo. To those people who think that, you are wrong.

Hippos are some of the cutest and funniest animals, especially the baby ones. Below is a list of 24 photos of baby hippos that will make everything better.

So if you’re having a bad day or you just want to laugh continue on reading.

1. Tongue Out: If you’re having a bad day and need to laugh here is the photo for you. These intelligent hippos are able to stick their tongue out. And when they are caught on camera the moment is glorious and for the world to see. There is nothing cuter or funnier than a hippo sticking their tongue out.

2. Catching Bubbles: One of the best things about being a kid is playing with bubbles. It seems that’s the same thing with baby hippos. We might not have the same appearance as these cute animals but we sure do have the same love for bubbles. We can’t help but feel a warm and fuzzy feeling inside every time we look at this photo.

3. Being Fed Like A Baby: When baby hippos are born in a zoo the workers provide for them. And they provide for them just as they do for normal babies. They give them a bottle to feed them and then when they are done the baby gets attached to the one who gives them their food. We seem to be having a lot in common with these cute animals.

4. Biting Hippo: When it comes to humans our babies go through that teething phase. Things are usually left torn apart and we tend to get bitten along the way. This baby hippo is going through the same teething stage and looks adorable doing it. We are sure the hand he is biting would disagree. But that doesn’t mean this hippo isn’t the cutest thing ever.


5. Keeping Their Head Above Water: When learning how to swim the cutest thing is when young kids tread water. What’s even more adorable is when animals do it. That’s what makes this photo so darn cute. This baby hippo is trying his hardest to keep his head above water. We want to reach out and help him so bad.

6. Look At Me: This might be the funniest photo on this entire list. There is something about this hippo staring directly at the camera with its tongue slightly sticking out that is bring us to tears. This hippo must be enjoying its bath a lot to look this happy. And we are thankful for it.

7. Hiding: You know when you’re playing a really intense game of hide and seek, and you get that nervous feeling inside? That is exactly what it looks like is going on for this baby hippo. It looks like the hippo is squishing into a corner and hovering down like it’s hiding. Let’s not forget those eyes that look afraid of who’s going to find it.

8. Sleeping With Mom: When we were babies we always wanted to sleep with our moms. Maybe some of us still do. This mom and baby sleeping combo is even more adorable when it is with animals. Particularly this mamma hippo and baby hippo combo. It makes us want to snuggle up in there with them.

9. Bring Me Back To The Water: This baby hippo looks like its trying to find its way back to the water. We aren’t used to seeing hippos outside of water that often. But when we do they always look like they are searching for that water again. We can’t blame them for loving the water so much, we love it too.

10. Bath Time: When baby hippos and adult hippos are in a zoo they need to be properly bathed. To do this the zookeepers take them out of their area and place them in bins. This photo is pretty adorable because this baby hippo is so small that it still has room in the bathing bin.

11. Funny Face: Although this is not a baby hippo, the photo is hilarious and we needed to include it in this list. The way that hippos open their mouths and appear as though they are smiling is so cute and funny. That’s why this photo is the perfect one to send to those who are having a rough day.

Reddit /u/ _korbendallas_

12. Pet Me: We know that animals love to be pet, but those animals are usually pets we keep in our homes. After seeing this photo of a baby hippo who looks pretty happy they are getting pet, it’s clear that all animals love it. The next time you get the chance to pet a hippo, please do.

13. Running Away From Birds: If you are like a lot of people out there then you are afraid a bird or more are going to come down and attack you when they get close. It seems that’s the same as hippos. This poor hippo had a bunch of birds land on it so it had no choice but to run away.

14. Those Eyes: The eyes are the gateway to the soul is what a lot of people say. If that is true then the soul of this cute baby hippo seems adorable. Those eyes are so cute and calm that we want to jump through the photo, hug the hippo, and never let go.

Flickr /u/ Christopher

15. The Hippo Walk: We all know that model walk down the catwalk, but what do you call a model hippo? Because that is what this hippo is, a straight up model. Just look at the strut it has walking and the determination in its face to get to where it’s going. A hippo walking show is something we would attend.

16. Taking A Nap: Life gets hard sometimes and we get worn out, that’s when naps come in handy. That is precisely what this baby hippo thought. The baby hippo decided to lay down and take a few minutes of beauty sleep before continuing on with its day.

17. Hanging Out: When we go to the zoo one fun thing to do is go in the caves and look through the glass into the water. It’s fun to see the hippos and other water-based animals from down there. It’s also cute when hippos just float in the water and appear as though they are staring at you like in this photo.

18. Encouragement: Parents are always there to help us out and give us some encouragement. This is very true when we are learning to swim. The same goes for parent hippos teaching their baby hippos to swim. The only difference between us and them is that they need to swim to survive, we swim for fun.

19. Love Kiss: We know that our pets are able to give us so much love in return for our care and nurturing. The same is true for animals who aren’t pets. When animals are at the zoo and they are properly cared for, they show their appreciation through love to those who nurture them. And it’s adorable when it happens.

Flickr /u/ urbanmenagerie

20. Sneaky: We all know the look on someone’s face when they are being sneaky. Or you have an image in your head of what you look like when you are being sneaky. That is exactly what is going on in this photo. This baby hippo is being very sneaky, and we think it is trying to hide something beneath that water.

21. The Way Mom or Dad Does: When we are little we are trying to learn from our parents the right way to do things. This image summarizes what it is like to learn from your parents. This baby hippo is following its parent and imitating everything they are doing in order to swim correctly. There is nothing like some parent-child time.

22. Drinking Water: Water is an essential nutrient for every living thing on the planet. Drinking water is something that’s extremely natural to do but for some reason, this photo is still adorable. There is something about hippos doing things that brings a smile to our faces every time.

23. Screaming Baby Hippo: Human babies scream a lot, we all expect it and sometimes we don’t enjoy it. This baby hippo likes to scream also and we can enjoy this photo and think it’s adorable because we can’t actually hear the scream. Plus this baby hippo looks super cute and we want to hug it and make it feel better immediately.

24. I’m Sexy And I Know It: You know all those photos of men and women coming out of the pool or ocean and they look really attractive? Well, that is what this hippo is doing here. Though we might not say it looks hot, it sure is working what its mamma gave it. And we can’t stop laughing that someone got a shot of this happening.

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