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This Baby Is 8 Months Old And Already Weighs 38 Pounds

bigbaby042517 Veracia Ankrah |

From Punjab, India baby Chahat Kumar is 8 months old and already weighs an unbelievable 38 pounds. Her weight is nearly double the range of expected weight for a baby her age.

Her parents claim that she was born a regular sized baby, but became evidently different than other children as she got older. At the 4 month mark after her birth, they began to see significant changes in her structure.

When the changes in her physical appearance were no longer symptoms that could be ignored, Chahat’s parents set out to find a diagnosis and cure for their baby girl.

Chahat’s mother, Reena Kumar shares that her daughter was born at a normal weight, as were all her children. Overtime, she began to realize her daughter’s weight was increasing at a rapid speed.

Father Suraj Kumar claims that her daughter’s appetite is unlike other babies. Chahat demands milk and food at her age more than his other children at her age.

In an attempt to discover what was causing their child’s abnormal appetite they took their daughter to a doctor to complete some blood work.

Unfortunately, her doctor was unable to take any blood samples from Chahat’s as her skin was too thick to accurately find her veins and draw blood.

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