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Baby Grabs A Relative’s Phone And Makes A Run For It. Camera Records Everything

Hearing or reading the words “stolen phone” and “baby” in the same sentence might at first come as a bit of a shock, but in this case it resulted in one of the cutest, sneakiest videos we’ve seen in a while. This little tyke takes off with someones smart phone and goes off on a giggly, shaky chase and you have to see it.  

In the adorable video, a baby tries to make a run with a relative’s phone. We aren’t sure whether this cutey is running away from their mom, sister, or baby sitter, but whoever is chasing and giggling after him in the background makes the whole ordeal that much funnier.


The joy on the baby’s face as he waddles from room to room with their stolen “toy” is precious, and the sneaky laughter suggests that he totally knows what he’s doing.

The toothy grin and breathy giggling is all of us trying to run away from our problems. Though we wouldn’t normally be laughing at a crime caught on camera, this adorable video is sure to put you in a great mood.

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