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Adorable Baby Takes After 3 Generations Of Being Born With A Streak Of White Hair

MAIN Mamamia Nairaland

Getting a specific gene passed on from generation to generation can be extremely meaningful. It could be a physical feature or maybe simply a personality trait that is common within your family. Regardless, these things can definitely create a special bond.

For 18-month-old MilliAnna, that trait happens to be a unique ‘birthmark’ that turns a streak of your hair white. In fact, her mother Brianna Worth, 23, has passed this trait onto her, just like her mother passed it on to Brianna.

Baby MilliAnna is the fourth generation of her family to have a white patch at the front of her hair. This distinctive mark is visible not only on baby MilliAnna’s grandmother, Jennifer, but also her great-grandmother, Joanne. 

The distinctive trait is caused by poliosis, which creates a lack of pigment in the patch of hair and the skin around it.

Looking at the adorable photos of the baby with her mom and grandmother, it kind of looks similar to Cruella de Vil’s hairstyle.

According to Daily Mail, Brianna said: “We are unsure how far back the birthmark goes as my grandmother was adopted as a child.”

When Brianna found out she was pregnant, the first thing she hoped for was that her baby was carrying that specific gene.

She says: “I was hoping she did have it. My younger sister that my mother had a few years after me didn’t get it, so I didn’t know if MilliAnna was going to.” 

Brianna continued,“But once I had her and they laid her on my chest and I saw she had it I was so happy.” We don’t blame her, it looks adorable.

But the unique look isn’t always easy. Brianna noted,  “We definitely get stopped a lot while out and about on our daily routines.”

She continued, “The majority of the time I welcome the polite comments and don’t mind answering the many questions, but honestly, it can be overwhelming at times.”

She admitted that when she’s out with the family or in a rush to get certain things done, it can be frustrating when people are constantly approaching them and asking a number of questions.

Brianna hopes that when her daughter is older that she’ll embrace her uniqueness and not let bullies get to her. Brianna is definitely no stranger to haters saying hurtful comments.

Daily Mail quotes her saying, “I had several names such as skunk that kids would try to insult me with as a child. Sometimes it would bother me when I was younger.”

She continued “But I grew to end up really loving it in my hair and was confident that it was my own unique signature look.”


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