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Babysitter Brutally Beats a Toddler Inside an Elevator in China

A loving mother waves goodbye to her child as they are taken by the babysitter. A babysitter is often one of the most trusted people in a parent’s life. A mother should never have to suspect that her toddler is abused. Unfortunately, this mother had no idea that her babysitter was brutally beating her child when she thought that no one was watching.

A security camera captured the entire disturbing scene, which took place in an elevator in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China. In the video, a mother hands her crying child (whose gender is unspecified) over to the 42-year-old babysitter identified only as Ms. Li. Ms. Li is first seen threatening the child with a raised hand.

The situation escalates quickly. First, the babysitter brutally beats the child by punching them in the stomach. When the toddler continues to cry, the abusive babysitter beats them even more around the stomach. The disturbing scene continues as the toddler is beaten on the head after being placed in a stroller.

Just when it seems the horrific scene is at an end, the toddler is abused even further. Before the elevator door opens, Ms. Li violently shakes the toddler in the stroller. The way this toddler is beaten could lead to highly detrimental brain injuries, cerebral palsy, and impaired learning ability.

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