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Bachelor In Paradise Suspended After Incident Between Two Popular Bachelor Villains

We have some pretty shocking news for Bachelor in Paradise fans. Sexual assaults are an issue that will never be overlooked or ignored under any circumstances. People take it very seriously when these allegations are put forward and it always involves further investigation.

A sexual encounter between Corrine Olympios and Demario Jackson that allegedly was not consensual has caused the suspension of Bachelor in Paradise. Bachelor fans were shocked when this news first went viral.

The claims allegedly involve the cast members getting hot and heavy in a pool. Reports are also claiming that there is more to the story and that what actually went down was shady.

The claims state that Olympios was sexually assaulted because she was too intoxicated to agree to a sexual encounter with Jackson. In addition, the case is controversial as Jackson claimed that it was in fact consensual. 

Could this have all been avoided at the production level? Producers could have taken into account how drunk Olympios was and stopped it, versus continuing to film it. 

This scandal showcases that the show needs to focus on the safety of the cast. If you watch this show, then you know that similar incidents have occurred in the past. 

Although the focus of the show is on contestants searching for love, you have to call into question whether it also centers on drunken hookups where consent is non-existent.

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According to sources, Olympios was told that what happened on June 4th will be brought to justice through legal force. Olympios is also going through therapy to cope with the trauma she has faced. 

In regards to Jackson, he will be taking considerable legal action until he clears his name and, with the help of legal counsel, he will be taking all the steps necessary according to the law.

Bachelor in Paradise has maintained a bad reputation. Last August, contestant Chad Johnson spoke about his time on the show. He was filmed drunk and passed out on the beach. 

Cast members had raised concerns about Olympios being too drunk to consent to sexual activities. But production sources declared otherwise, which means that there’s a lot of misinformation out there.

Olympios was appalled at BIP’s production group considering the outcome. But Olympios doesn’t fully blame DeMario because he was also drunk. She is upset at the producers for letting things get so chaotic. 

Producers have intervened in the past when they felt contestants were drinking excessively. But this doesn’t appear to be the case with this incident and the one with Chad Johnson. 

People are upset about the show coming to a close. It means that people will be deprived of revenue from paid endorsements. Most of all, we don’t know whether the allegations are true or not.


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