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16 Awful Cats Who Should Be Ashamed But Couldn’t Care Less


You’re either one or the other. You are a cat person or a dog person. There is an abundance of ‘personality tests’ out there that try to depict the deeper, subliminal messages behind being a cat or a dog person but in general, there are some overarching themes with preferring one pet over another.

As humans, we tend to anthropomorphize things, which means that we tend to portray human characteristics onto non-human things.

So this means that a dog person is more ‘dog-like’ in that they are more outgoing, friendly and sociable whereas a cat person might be more introverted, quiet and to themselves.

But as we all know, cats are some pretty conniving creatures. They never greet you at the door and they will almost never willingly cuddle up to you.

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Plus, most cats just wander off and do their own thing and act as if they couldn’t care less about you.


But apparently, this cat, in particular, appreciates some attention although I am not quite sure how the owner feels in this scenario.


Without the use of opposable thumbs, how was this cat able to write out this message? And I guess this cat really does have a thing for toilet paper.


You can spend hundreds of dollars on some intricate cat tree for your cat to get some exercise but little did you know that a forage in the back dumpster could have been more useful.


As I mentioned earlier, cats tend to wander off and just do their own thing and each cat has their own unique ‘spot’ in the house.


Just by the look on Everett’s face, you can already tell he feels no remorse. Who could possibly get mad at such a handsome and sleek face? Certainly not me.


Who needs a rooster to wake you up at the crack of dawn when you have this cutie wailing at 4:30 AM? And you would never know these little felines could get so loud just by looking at them.


Hey! As the old adage says: if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying! At least it tried to pretend like it was hunting. Also, isn’t it adorable that cats like to cheat, just like their owners?


I mean, in this cat’s defense, it is probably warm and comfy under those blankets. But doesn’t a cat have fur? So isn’t it always, warm, furry and comfy?


Despite those adoring green eyes and the look of somewhat regret, this cat should know better than to lay a paw on another animal!


I love how shocked this cat looks. It’s as if it’s surprised that it got called out for all its misbehaving. It’s like the cat is saying: ‘what? Who? Me?!’


This one is pretty self-explanatory and the evil look on the cat’s face looks like it’s premeditated. However, the picture itself looks a little photoshoped to me.


We all show affection in varying ways. Some of us take a loved one out to dinner or maybe buy them a gift but apparently, this cat has some rather nontraditional ways.


At the end of the day, cats and fish just don’t make good siblings. What did this owner expect? It’s the cat’s nature to hunt!


This is the cat’s way of telling the baby that it is still the cutest thing in the house and not the newborn. It’s going to be a battle for the ‘cutest member of the family’ award.



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