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20 Ultimate Revenges On Bad Parkers


Nobody likes a bad parker, but sometimes even the most precise drivers find themselves being a tad reckless with where they shift into park. Sometimes a less than stellar parking job can have somewhat of a valid excuse, including:

  • Emergencies,
  • New driver,
  • Unfamiliar vehicle.

However, most of the time, people who leave their cars wherever and however they please usually just don’t care about anybody else except for themselves. Not every bad driver gets away with it though, sometimes people go the extra mile to make sure a good dose of karma is delivered.

Here are 20 times people who can’t park were on the receiving end of the ultimate revenge.

1. A bad parking job is just a snowball of rage that builds with each passer-by who witnesses it. A note may seem fairly harmless, but I guarantee that pen scraped along that paper with some ferocious force.


2. If parking lines don’t mean anything to the driver, then following suit and surrounding the car with fellow raging strangers is a great tactic to teach them a lesson.


3. If you’re going to park recklessly, make sure that your windows are done up. This driver returned to a celebration of their selfishness, but let’s face it, they probably popped each balloon right then and there.


4. As a driver, carrying around chalk with you can come with some serious perks when you stumble across a line-blind driver.


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