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16 Of The Most Hilariously Bad Real Estate Pictures Ever Taken

When it comes to selling houses, real estate agents need to first sell prospective buyers with photos of the house to lure them in for an in-person visit. These photos play a crucial role in piquing interest and the advancement of technology has allowed multiple ways to give a virtual tour.

However, not all real estate agents double as photographers, which has resulted in some pretty horrendous property pictures that do anything but plant the vision to buyers that they would want to call these places home.

Here are 16 of the most comically awful real estate pictures that were sure to garner more laughs than actual interest when these homes were on (potentially still on) the market.

1. Even horror films are more subtle when introducing an unsuspecting family to a house that will ultimately lead to their demise, but with the right amount of vision and desperation, anything is possible.

2. If one of the house’s biggest selling points is high ceilings, this is certainly one way to get the idea across. Most homes have a living room, but not all families have the same way of living.

3. The panorama feature can be great for showcasing a room—that is if you know how to use it. The only way this bathroom would look like this is if you were coming home to hug the porcelain after one rough night.

4. Unless your home Pinterest board is full of stills from Shrek’s humble abode, this backyard isn’t going to be a major selling point.

5. Nothing says a toilet is prone to overflowing like a barrier constructed around it or is the toilet just in the shower to save space? Either way, it’s not a great sign.

6. Embrace your inner woodland nymph while doing your business alongside some makeshift mossy scenery and two unnervingly serene toads.

7. The perfect home room for anyone who has felt the overwhelming urge to take a bath when walking through a carnival mirror maze.

8. If you’re well aware that photography isn’t your game or that pictures won’t do the place justice, you might as well take a risk and hope that prospective buyers are willing to do the same.

9. Despite the runaway wallpaper and questionably vented corner of the room that appears to have a casual dip to it, the room maintains some solid hide and seek options.

10. One benefit of having a standing fox-like man statue peering out the window is it will save you on home security.

11. Perfect for the homeowner who wants their abode to double as a horse drive-thru. There are a lot of questionable features going on with this one, but maybe the real estate agent took a tip from online dating and decided to throw in an animal to add some charm.

12. This person figured if people were willing to use the fireplace channel as a substitute for a real one, why wouldn’t a poorly painted version do the trick as well?

13. This looks like the real estate stager saw an improv show and thought, “Hey if it worked for them.” Unfortunately for them, this dinner for two set up doesn’t scream inviting.

13 Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos

14. This is one abode that will not be serving red wine at their open house. While it’s certainly clean, it’s hard to really grasp where the walls are if there are any at all.

15. There’s nothing quite like a scarecrow dressed like an elderly woman attending a wedding with sinister intentions to separate a kitchen from the rest of the competition.

16. It’s safe to say the previous tenants grew apart. Maybe this real estate agent thought that staging the house meant creating a dramatic scene.


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