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24 Idiots Who Really Need To Learn To Spell In 2018

Spelling may not seem as important as it once did now that spell check andauto-correct have come along to save the day. However, even now, there are still some people who manage to slip through the cracks and write in a way that ends up looking like a Mad Gab version of the word. They say the trick is to sound it out, but these poor spellers are clearly out of tune.

There are some words we all struggle with, especially when you’ve never seen the word written, only heard it out loud. This can lead to some unintentional embarrassment when these mistakes end up in a text message or worse, on social media for everyone to see.

However, for everyone else, it can be an entertaining read. Here are 24  terrible spellers who should really spend some time with a dictionary.

1. It’s fair enough if you forget the n with a tilde when typing piña colada, but when your interpretation of the word is so off that not even Google can decipher what you meant, you should probably prioritize your inquiries. “Peanutcludas” sounds a lot more like a bag of peanut-flavored clusters than anything drinkable.

2. This person may be “feeling confused,” but probably not half as confused as their friends reading this grammatical disaster. Misspelling lactose intolerant is fairly forgivable, but “lack toast and tall of rent”? Breaking a word down to help spell it does not mean just using phonetically similar smaller words as a substitute. Also, when this person wrote “tidy milk,” they weren’t referring to neatly arranged dairy.

3. If you have to describe the words you’re trying to spell, you should really consider turning on auto-correct or reading more than just comment sections. One would imagine that texting a friend like this would be incredibly frustrating, but not if you view it as more of a continuous riddle game.

4. This post is questionable for a lot of reasons, but on a surface level, it’s quite perplexing how someone who can manage to spell “diagnosis” correctly can’t seem to master the word coffin. Considering the coffin is what’s for sale, you’d think that would be the most important word to get right.

5. If you’re struggling with spelling English words, it’s probably the best idea to avoid French for now. Bone, app, the, and teeth are all words, but together they make about as much sense as this meal. Hopefully, this simple chef learns the famed saying before serving up her next intricate meal.

6. Don’t think that these censored words will make this tweet make any more sense. Some people just live their life in first draft mode. Instead of checking the spelling, this person decided to make two wildly incorrect attempts at the word “irrelevant.” Spelling is particularly important when it comes to the one word you’re using to emphasize your statement.

7. In all fairness, hors-d’oeuvres is not an easy term to spell, which makes it only more confusing why this person decided to use it as a compliment. Could they not have come up with anything more spell-friendly? Is being told you look like an hors-d’oeuvres even that flattering?

8. Hopefully, this woman’s professional makeup mommas are also mondegreen experts, even though this spelling would hardly even help in that department. If you’re still confused about what the hell this girl is asking to be turned into, she means Cruella De Vil. Were these people banned from Google or something?

9. Well, they had it and then they lost it. The ability to attach pictures to posts is truly a lifesaver for those who somehow missed the entire basic spelling curriculum at their school. However, “braw” is another way to say good or fine in Scotland so maybe this isn’t a mistake at all.

10. The initial question here sounds like it could be lifted dialogue from a future episode of Black Mirror, but at least he didn’t make the more common “colon” mistake because that would change things even further. This guy probably should have just started with “men’s perfume” to save himself the trouble.

11. Let’s just hope that this curious person can at least pronounce the word aneurysm correctly. If this person says it like they write it, they’ve probably ended up very confused as to why no one is able to give them a straight answer without laughing. Though the initial wording doesn’t sound like it would be too fun either.

12. You really have to question your friend’s standards if they were completely okay with eating something they thought was called “genital sows.” This person should analyze the menu a little bit harder next time they order. Chances are if they keep relaying their food choices this way, they are bound to end up getting something much different than anticipated.

13. Is this guy just a really bad speller or does everyone he knows pronounce “obligated” in a very strange way? Probably the former. It’s truly interesting why these people decide to take a leap of faith with the big words instead of relaying the same message with words they are sure they know how to spell.

14. Considering the person who entered “wakamoly” into the system works in this establishment, you’d think they would have seen the word guacamole more than enough times to master the spelling, but apparently not. Spelling errors such as this are embarrassing already, but having it up on a screen for everyone in a nearby radius to see is definitely much worse.

15. How in the world does someone manage to spell pneumonia right but mess up the word stomach? Guess you can’t judge his spelling abilities too much, it seems like he’s going through a lot at once. However, that didn’t stop even his friend from calling him out on this confusing slip-up.

16. Hopefully, this is just a spelling error and this girl knows that cinnamon is an important ingredient in cinnamon buns. A lot of these people could save themselves a lot of embarrassment if they would just post a picture without any caption. Who knows though, maybe the public humiliation is just their method of learning.

17. The enthusiasm is admirable, but the lack of two letters on display really doesn’t help drive home the message. How did two people manage not to see that “remember” is spelled wrong? You have to wonder just how long these two were out before a passerby informed them that their sign was misspelled.

18. Before this guy goes off tackling other foreign languages, he might want to consider fully understanding the English language first. The fact that he managed to spell “Bonjour” correctly is quite an achievement considering the latter efforts. Good luck to whatever French teacher gets this guy as their student.

19. Despite the relentless efforts from primary school teachers, there are just some people who will never be able to understand how to properly use there, their, and they’re. Instead of opting for one, this person decided to create a hodgepodge of the options, which really only makes things worse.

20. Nothing says birthday celebration like downing some good ol’ bone apple tea. Sure, everyone can probably guess what Dunta is trying to say here, but it’s hard not to picture a man munching on ribs while sipping on a glass that’s just hot water with an apple core bobbing around in it.

21. This new match probably didn’t stick around on this woman’s Tinder roster after this attempt an introduction. A bad misspelling can really make a well-intended greeting significantly less swoon-worthy. Do these people not sense that the spelling of these words is completely off? More importantly, do they even care?

22. The hall of cost? This educator must take a more verbal teaching approach or this sad Tweeter didn’t bother to read along in their textbook. Either way, they will either go from sad to embarrassed due to the replies this tweet is bound to generate or after they receive the results from their first test.

23. You might not think to check the spelling credentials of someone tasked with spray painting a road, but apparently, it’s quite a crucial part of the job. One spelling mistake might be able to be overlooked, but two? Did they just give up after “emegency”? How does this happen?

24. It’s a very subtle spelling error, but one that makes a drastic difference in what this dental floss on a stick is advertising. Apparently, modern medicine has broken new grounds and it comes in the form of mint flavored dental flossers. It’s safe to say that someone probably got fired after this.


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