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Barbed Wire Brows Are The Latest Trend On Instagram And People Are Torn

The eyebrow craze has been in full swing for many years now. As with all trends, many people begin to get creative and we love seeing the innovators of trends taking charge! We’ve seen the trend go from thin eyebrows to bushy eyebrows, and even to entirely unkempt eyebrows.

Most of these trends consisted of an arch to varying degrees. Thanks to the new feather brows, we are no longer confined to the arch and are free to style our brows in whichever shape our heart desires.

The new trend, barbed wire brows, actually predate feather brows. They were created by a make-up artist named Athena Paginton who created the look on a model and posted the final product to Instagram.

The style requires the brow hairs to be sectioned off into several parts. They are then spiked alternating between upwards spikes and downward spikes. It kind of looks like the haute couture version of the cowlick, bedhead brows we wake up with in the morning.

The look is thought by many to be strange, but many of the most popular trends in style and fashion were seen as absurd before taking off.

It resembles something you would see at a runway and there is a hint of something magical and mysterious about them. Or maybe it’s more akin to forgetting to fix your eyebrows in the morning.

There’s no way to tell whether this trend will take off, but we’re certainly enjoying it while it’s here.

eyebrows image 4The Berry

Other makeup artists are also joining the party and recreating this look. For instance, Denver-based makeup artist Sara Jean posted a picture of her take on the barbed wire brow to Instagram.

Her caption dedicates her creation to Paginton whom she says inspired the look. She wrote, “This photo is simply for brow appreciation.”

Although you often hear people say things like, “Never trust someone with bad brows,” it’s always fun to experiment. Besides, who’s to say what “good brows” are if the eyebrow trend keeps changing?

eyebrows image 6The Berry

It may not be an everyday look, but if you’re in the mood for something a little eye-catching on a Friday night, you should give this a try!


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