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Basketball Kid Tries To Stunt, Gets Completely Owned

Kids are growing up in a generation now where if you do something cool, it better have been caught on video or it’s pretty much worthless. If you can’t share something with all of your friends on social media, did it ever really even happen?

With that, there’s been an emergence of videos, particularly sports videos, that people post to show off their ‘superior’ skills. Despite the fact that people will secretly take multiple takes until the video looks effortless, the video can be misleadingly impressive.

However, this video went from potentially impressive to incredibly embarrassing and all in slow motion. Taking inspiration from Steph Curry, who can casually turn his back on a three pointer before the shot goes in, this kid decided to turn away a little too prematurely.

Already acting like he’s made the basket and facing the camera with confidence, the basketball not only misses the net, but comes bouncing back and hitting him directly in the face.

While clearly not everyone can be Steph Curry, the guy in the video was able to laugh about the situation and decided to post the video to his Twitter account.

The video immediately went viral, receiving over 72,000 retweets including one by ESPN and over 59,000 likes.

Maybe this video didn’t go viral for the reason this guy originally intended, but this stunt attempt gone wrong is absolutely hilarious.


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