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Accidental Nudity Shown During BBC News Broadcast

Most office workers are no stranger to the incognito window for some extracurricular browsing on the job. However, when your computer screen is being broadcasted live to 3.8 million people, you should really make sure that you’re working. BBC News had quite a gaff when viewers noticed that one employee was watching something racy in the background of the broadcast.

BBC presenter Sophie Raworth was in the midst of introducing a story about England’s cricket team victory over South Africa when attention was quickly diverted by one of the employee’s computer monitors. To the left of Raworth, an employee can visibly be seen watching a scene where a woman performs a sultry strip tease and then proceeds to remove her bra.

Only the more observant viewers managed to catch the blunder, but once the screen grabs hit the Internet, word got out and one employee likely got the ax. The ill-timed nudity is actually a still from HBO’s True Blood, not an adult film as originally thought, but that didn’t change the fact that news watchers were shown a woman exposing her chest live on air.

So far, a spokesperson for BBC has vaguely told Huffington Post UK, “We are establishing the facts and circumstances.” The world of social media, however, has been much more vocal with jokes and inquiries aplenty.

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