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12 Funny Beach Fails

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Summertime is the best time, and what better way to enjoy it than by sprawling out on a beach somewhere and enjoying the sunshine and waves? People everywhere are enjoying themselves on sandy shores and taking a dip in the (hopefully) warm water.

Here’s the unfortunate bit: the beach seems to be a prime location for awkward human behavior and/or interactions. Maybe it has something to do with sitting in the sun for too long, and maybe it’s because everyone is milling about half-naked. It’s hard to say.

In any case, there are few things as satisfying as looking at awkward or strange pictures of people being weird, there’s just no better use of your time. So on that note, we’ve collected a variety of pictures taken at the beach that will have you experiencing a range of emotion that you never thought were possible.

1. First of all: what? And second of all: why? Then again, if we’re all able to enjoy ourselves at the beach, why can’t Gene Simmons? 

2. I’m not sure of the thought process that led this gentleman to do this. It’s all very exhausting and highly confusing. 

3. I’ll let you decide if this is weird or adorable? Can it be both? A dog is a man’s best friend, I suppose, who are we to judge? 

4. This is uncomfortable to look at because it’s a horrible sight and it makes you wonder how long this person must have been wearing these shoes. 

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