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12 Beautiful Birth Photos That Were Named The Best For 2017


The miracle of birth marks the beginning of a brand new life. While some may debate when life actually starts, it is still extremely beautiful to watch not only the baby being born but also the happiness and elation that come from the parents.

Just imagine the parents having to wait over 9 months to meet a new member of their family. The excitement, pride, and anxiety that comes with being a new parent.

Here are 12 pictures of births that were award winning in 2016.

The happiness expressed on this mother’s face is sure to emit a similar emotion in you. Her sheer joy in being a mother along with the nurses watching in the background make this one of the top photographs of 2016.


A mother just gave birth to her twins and already the pair is clinging to Mama Bear.


This is a picture of the whole family meeting the newest member for the first time. The husband in the background and the mother just slightly cropped out. Whether for the image or in real life, the older sister doesn’t seem too interested in her new baby sister.


This mother just gave birth to her newborn and she is finally getting a chance to lay her head back and just relax for a moment. I’m guessing that’s probably the father giving her a head rub after the tough but rewarding ordeal.


Originally, I was under the impression that the newborn baby was sleeping under a blanket but this is actually a photo of a baby being born via cesarean section.


This one is a little confusing since the couple receiving the baby seems to be so excited but it’s pretty evident that the spread legs do not belong to the woman holding onto the baby. In fact, this is a picture of a couple meeting their baby via a surrogate.


This shot won the award for best picture in the category of Postpartum due to the peaceful and meditative pose of this baby.


This looks like an old fashioned Mafia movie of someone getting ‘taken’ out but in reality, it is a snapshot of an amniotic sac breaking. The doctor doesn’t even seem to be fazed by the oncoming fluid. This picture won the award for being the best in the ‘Delivery’ category. 


This is a picture of a mom going into labor on the way to a hospital. The scene is so emotional you can just envision the pain she is going through and the anxiousness with which the husband wants to get to the hospital. This picture won the overall best picture.


The gentleness and peacefulness of this new mother are so serene to look at. It seems like the baby is ready for his or her first meal ever.


This mother is just rejoicing and is so grateful for her newborn child. Looks like she gave birth via a water birth and the baby just looks to be happy with hugging and holding onto the mother.


The tiredness as expressed on the mother’s face accompanied with the loving gratitude of the father makes this such a serene and peaceful picture. The pale baby gently holding onto the mother is just the bow on the top that we all need.



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