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Don’t Forget The Dads: This Instagram Account Shows The Beauty Of Fatherhood In 10 Pics


Kids generally have a closer bond with their moms. Maybe because they were literally inside the womb for 9 months or because media has distorted our image of motherhood, kids and adolescents generally feel closer to mom. This may be why mothers are so revered and why Mother’s Day is generally a big day for most people.

However, the unsung heroes or the ones behind the scenes are usually the dads. They don’t get all the accolades or the affection but they certainly deserve every bit of it.

Here are some instances to prove why dads should never be forgotten.

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This dad clearly knows what he’s doing. He’s vacuuming, carrying a toddler on his back and also dealing with a very sleepy baby girl. Oh, and that beard requires some effort too.

Like father like son. This pair sleeps almost identical to each other. With their left arm covering their face and their right arm across their chest.

Taking care of one child is tough for any parent. Imagine dealing with twins by yourself!

This picture is absolutely adorable. This baby is holding onto his dad’s hand so gingerly. The size difference between their hands is absolutely heartwarming.

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