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12 Photos Taken Before And After People Stopped Drinking

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Many people like to unwind with an alcoholic drink after a long day or week, but for some people, it’s a vice that becomes more destructive than alleviating. Those who have successfully turned their lives around have proven that quitting alcohol didn’t just affect their lifestyles but their physical appearances as well.

A number of former drinkers have taken to Reddit to share their physical transformations after ridding alcohol from their lives. Posting before and after pictures, it’s evident how drinking too much has more than just an internal ramification.

Here are 12 people who gave up alcohol and saw a positive change in their appearance because of it.

1. Reddit user, GhostBackwards, shared a side-by-side comparison of what seven months alcohol-free can do. He wrote, “I was 225 [pounds] when I quit and lost 30 within the first month. For anyone in a similar position just please reach out for help.”

2. Reddit user, size16french, turned his life around after being admitted to the hospital for acute pancreatitis. After just six months of sobriety, his appearance saw a drastic change and he was able to complete a 33-mile bike ride.

2 Reddit /u/ size16french

3. Klamsykrawl shared his transformation to the “stopdrinking” subreddit, writing, “One year of no alcohol. 53 pounds lighter and a thousand times happier. I tried recreating the fatty bloated pic best I could.”

4. It doesn’t always have to be a drastic physical transformation, some people’s happiness from going alcohol-free is evident in their smiles and eyes. “Finally made it to 90 days,” harajuka wrote on her Reddit post.

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