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16 Hair Makeovers That’ll Make You Want To Get A Haircut


When you go to the hair salon, you probably tell your hairdresser to give you the usual. However, there are times when you might feel a little adventurous and get something completely new. We recommend you try:

  • Shaving your head
  • Dying your hair
  • Getting a drastic new look

We always see princesses showing off their gorgeous long locks, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t girls who look feminine with a short cut.

Long hair can be a pain to take care of so it’s no surprise to see that there are people out there coming over to the ‘short hair’ side. Here are 16 ladies who got a drastic new look.

1)  This girl traded in her long luscious hair for a pixie cut. We hope she donated those inches to a worthy cause!


2) Not everyone is comfortable with such drastic change. Instead of pixie look, this lady chopped off a significant amount of her blonde hair for a fresher look.


3) In addition to the cut, it is always fun to try something new. From black to blonde, this is one crazy ‘Transformation Tuesday.’


4) Sick and tired of boring, flat hair? Mix things up with a crazy, messy, short look. Throw in a bit of product and voila! Very modelesque.



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