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Bella Hadid Experiences Yet Another Wardrobe Malfunction At Cannes Two Years In A Row

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Being a model means being in front of the spotlight, being watched like a hawk. You are being judged on anything and everything possible. From what you look like, what you wear, who you’re dating and especially how much you weigh.

A lot of models these days are taking more and more risks in the fashion world. They’re wearing designers who take more chances with their clothes than others. Regardless of the “risk” factor, the models are all over it.

But when wearing risky clothes, you are prepared for some potential wardrobe malfunctions to occur, and Bella Hadid knows all about that. For 2 years in a row, Bella has experienced a wardrobe malfunction at the Cannes Film Festival.

This year at the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival on May 17th, Bella showed up in a gorgeous Alexandre Vauthier silk gown.

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The model is a huge fan of the high-slit cut gown, wearing a similar dress at the festival a year ago. She experienced some serious deja vu this year.

#11 Daily MirrorDaily-Mirror

Just like last year, Bella experienced a wardrobe malfunction while rocking a risky choice of the high-slit cut gown. She doesn’t look like she really cares.

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Though her dress completely showed off her undergarments, the model still continued striking a pose and looking as gorgeous as ever. Hopefully, she noticed!


Bella, 20, who is the younger sister of Gigi Hadid, also a model, is known to generally have an edgier style, embracing what it means to be a modern supermodel.

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US Weekly reports that as the model made her way to the red carpet before the screening of Ismael’s Ghosts with her father Mohamed Hadid, all eyes were on her pale pink gown.

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But again, the sweetheart neckline dress didn’t stay in place for long. The model ended up fully exposing her undergarments.


Yet, this incident clearly does not phase Bella at all. Just hours later after the festival, Daily Mail reports that Bella was seen headed out to enjoy her night in Cannes.

#3 DailyMailDailyMail

Daily Mail reports that she was seen wearing a white strapless top with some cropped distressed jeans topped with box-fresh Nike trainers.


This girl clearly has plenty of confidence. She stopped the show last year at the same film festival, with a risky red gown designed by Alexandre Vauthier.


This designer clearly has a pattern going on with his dresses because that exact red gown also had a bit of malfunction, showing off her undergarments as well.

Bella and her fellow “Instagram generation” model friends all went down to the red carpet at the Annual Cannes Film Festival’s Opening Gala at the famous Palais des Festivals.


Bella told Glamour Magazine: “I’m usually very simple with my red carpet looks. I tend to just wear black so this was a big risk. I was sort of scared about it”

#3 DailyMailDailyMail

She continued by saying “I’ve had so much nice feedback which was exciting” but she added that she would probably ‘tone down’ her next few outfits.

#11 Daily MirrorDaily-Mirror

According to Daily Mail, when the model was asked how she navigated the tricky problem of underwear, many believed she might have gone commando.

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But the model revealed that she was, in fact, wearing an extremely high-waisted leotard. We think Bella might have learned her lesson this time around, but she looked stunning regardless.

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