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Chester Bennington Made Sure His Family Was Set Up For Life Before He Died


By now the world should be aware of Chester Bennington’s untimely death in his Los Angeles home last week. Chester Bennington was the front man for the rock band, Linkin Park.  The 41-year-old singer killed himself the day of Chris Cornell’s 53rd birthday. LP has since canceled their world tour.

Chester leaves behind three children and his wife of twelve years.

But it appears that before his death he tried to set his family up for the future.

Chester was found dead by his housekeeper on July 20th. He died just months after his good friend and singer of Soundgarden and Audioslave, Chris Cornell, committed suicide.

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His wife Talinda Bennington said: ‘he was a bright, loving soul with an angel’s voice. And now he is pain-free, singing his songs in all of our hearts.’

But it seems like several weeks before his death, Chester made a final purchase that has led many LP fans to believe that he did so with his family in mind.

Chester decided to buy a 2 and a half million dollar Palos Verdes Estates house in June. The house is located in an affluent part of Los Angeles that is known for their ‘pristine neighborhoods’ and top-notch public schools.

The house comes with five bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and also comes with three outdoor decks along with a giant backyard that comes with a spa and a swimming pool.

The band mates of Linkin Park said that the purchase of the lavish estate was in line with what Chester had in mind for the future.

The heartbroken and grief stricken band has since penned a letter to the late rocker. The band mates said that it was Chester’s ‘demons’ that made fans fall in love with the band.

Chester openly spoke about his struggles with depression, drugs, and alcohol, and it seems like despite battling all those inner ‘demons’ within him he still had the foresight to keep his family in mind. May he rest in peace.


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