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16 Of The Best Answers To The Question ‘Who Wore It Better?’


The Internet is full of all sorts of gems that can make us laugh, cry, fume with anger or just straight up shake our heads. One of the best parts of the Internet, though, is that it can help cheer us up when we’re down and also make the most random and ridiculous things absolutely hilarious.

‘Who wore it better’ lists and memes always know how to get us laughing when they’re done right. Whether it’s comparing celebrity outfits to other celebrities or just poking fun at a celebrity’s fashion sense in general, these types of lists always know how to provide us with some comedic relief.

Here are 16 hilarious ‘who wore it better’ pictures that will have you howling with laughter.

1. Hey, it’s totally possible that this teacher got the inspiration for her outfit from this fluorescent highlighter, right?


2. If anyone can pull off the “car wash brush” look, you better believe Heidi Klum can.


3. When you want to take a nap but need to to do it discretely, do what this woman did and wear something that will blend you in with the floor. Trust me, no one will notice.


4. I totally see where Justin Bieber gets his fashion sense from now.


5. If this woman was looking for the classic “fresh laundry done on a Sunday look”, she really nailed it. In all seriousness, though, this is definitely a WTF fashion moment.


6. As beautiful as Ivanka Trump is, I’d have to say that anything that has a burrito wrapped in it will always be the winner in my eyes.


7. Some of you may beg to differ, but this cat definitely wore it better than Nicki Minaj…right?


8. This llama looks way too cool for its own good, like the hip emo kid at school who is always ahead of everyone else when it comes to fashion.


9. Jessica Alba and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson both look pretty bad to the bone here. Who do you think wore it better?


10. Models can get away with wearing absolutely anything at fashion shows, but when I wear something like this and walk down the street, chaos ensues. Fashion, not even once.


11. Ripped, torn up and ragged clothing are totally in style now, but that doesn’t mean it looks good. Maybe someone should tell celebrities this. What do you think of this new fashion trend?


12. Why go shopping when you can just turn your grandma’s couch into a killer, fashionable dress?


13. When you’re a celebrity walking the red carpet in designer clothing, you might as well go big or go home, right?


14. Why get your inspiration for your amazing hairstyle from a celebrity or hairdresser when you can get your inspiration from an onion?


15. This classic who wore it better comparison never gets old, and will probably haunt Justin Timberlake for the rest of his life.


16. This girl knew exactly what she was doing when she put on this dress. Where can I get my hands on a dress with a picture of Homer Simpson on the front?!



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