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13 Photos Showing The Best ATM Withdrawal Defenses


Anything involving money can be risky, especially when it involves an ATM.

When you need to take out and put in money, you feel a little nervous doing it alone, especially if it’s at night.

Muggers and opportunists are always lurking around.

1. Though security cameras, cubicle-type walls, and even armed guards have been set up at some locations, one defense mechanism has been proven to be the most effective. And all it really requires in return is some treats. More and more photos have been appearing on the internet of people using their dogs as ATM guards, position them right behind them. While they look absolutely adorable in the photos, I’m pretty sure if anyone would think about coming near their owners, they’d think again. One social media user commented on these photos, noting “This is a good strategy. I would be way too distracted trying to pet the dogs to steal her information”. Here are examples of the best ATM withdrawal defense. This first guy looks like him and his owner have an undeniable bond. He also looks like he’s saying “take one step closer, and you’re my dinner for tonight”. I probably wouldn’t want to mess with the owner…not even for a second.

1reddit @Atrain1189

2. Why settle for one bodyguard, when you can have two? These guys look pretty adorable with their tongues out, but I wouldn’t mess with a German Shepherd if I were you. Especially if there’s two of them. They could be the sweetest guys, but look extremely intimidating. Smart girl for bringing them.

2Imgur @mustafasoho14

3. This dog literally has his owner’s back. The man is looking straight into the dog’s eyes and based on the dog’s posture and how he’s standing, that man doesn’t want to mess with it. If I was that guy, I would slowly back away, calmly and casually. Don’t mess with this girl.

4. Honestly, celebrities don’t need 7 foot, muscular men being their bodyguards. These two four-legged guys would be more than enough. Not only would muggers be afraid to walk near this woman, but innocent people would probably take a few steps away from them as well. They do look really adorable though, I just wouldn’t want to get into a fight with them.

5. This girl has a lot of guts using the ATM at night…but I would probably have guts walking in the most dangerous neighborhood at night if I had these two guys by my side. They look like they are genuinely happy to be outside, at night, with their owner. But I still wouldn’t mess with them!

6. Okay, this adorable guy looks a little less intimidating than the previous ones we’ve seen but doesn’t mean he wouldn’t do what he can to protect his owner. This is clearly a working dog for a physically impaired owner. Not only is it a bodyguard, but it lends a helping hand as well!

7. Don’t let this dog’s size fool you. Big dogs look far more intimidating, but smaller dogs are known to be more a little feistier and tend to hold back less. This little dog looks like he’s hiding in front of his owner, but I’m pretty sure he’d be ready to pounce when the time came. Be careful. Be very careful.

8. This big boy looks like he can be the friendly giant in a Disney movie. He also looks like he can take you down in one shot. I’m sure he’s friendly to those he loves and love him back, but when it’s time to guard his owner, he won’t hold back. Ouch.

9. These two guys look like they’re incredibly hungry. One person commented on this photo, imagining what these four-legged bodyguards are thinking. He wrote, “do you taste like chicken? You look like you taste like chicken”. If I was a mugger I probably wouldn’t want them finding that out. Would be a messy situation at the ATM.

10. This owner clearly wants to show people what would happen if anyone tried messing with her. The photo itself is enough to scare anyone, let alone a mugger who is there while this woman is. @ShadySmith commented, “She looks like the wife of that guy that breeds and trains massive security dogs… judging by most of these images, they used his dogs for the photoshoots.”

11. To be honest, the guy himself looks like he can handle any mugger that came his way, but it’s nice to have your best buddy right by your side right? But still, a lot of people commented on the photo saying that the owner looks way more intimidating than the dog. I just might agree with them. 

12. This looks like a classy dog, with owner who you’d probably think twice 


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