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Beth and Dog Chapman To Retire From Bounty Hunting After Beth’s Throat Cancer Diagnosis

Beth and Duane “Dog” Chapman’s bounty hunting business is set to end this year, following Beth’s throat cancer diagnosis. In September, Beth had a stage II tumor removed, which led to the couple’s decision to end their bounty hunting careers. News of her diagnosis was very devastating for the family as they are now forced to undergo the battle of their lives.

On November 27, a two-hour A&E special called “Dog and Beth: Fight of Their Lives” will premiere at the network. The show will chronicle their battle with cancer from Beth’s “diagnosis through surgery and her journey to recovery.” The Chapmans will also share the changes they will be making in their personal and professional lives.

The show aims to reveal a real picture of the effects cancer has on the Chapman family. In a moment of despair, Beth has decided to use her platform to encourage viewers of the special to take actions, while also providing hope for individuals living with cancer and their families.

In a recent interview, Beth explained that her decision to share a personal story stemmed from the fact they experienced and shared much of their hardships with fans. She felt like she owned it to them, to share this story, just as she did the death of her father and daughter.  

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