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Beyonce Held Blue Ivy’s Juice Box At The 2018 Grammys, And The Internet Is Obsessed

It looks like there’s a new Queen B in town! Beyonce and Blue Ivy had the internet in tears with more than one moment at the Grammys this year.

Beyonce has always been somewhat aloof about her personal life. Her latest album Lemonade is the first time the singer got super personal about her marriage with Jay-Z, but only in her lyrics did she hint at their relationship struggles. In public, Beyonce kept everyone guessing.

She’s also kept things private when it comes to their 5-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. But it’s hard to ignore this little firecracker if this year’s Grammys is any indication:

It started with the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. Before Jay-Z took Blue Ivy on stage to congratulate her mom after her amazing performance, we hadn’t seen much of Blue.


Blue was already showing us what she could do, caught on camera dancing along to her mom’s performance.


And who could forget Blue Ivy’s red carpet debut at the MTV VMAs in 2016? Escorted by her famous mother, Blue was dressed in a glittery gown worth $11,000.


It looks like Blue Ivy’s famous parents know their daughter is sure to make a mark in Hollywood since they already trademarked her name to prevent others from profiting off of it. How many parents can say they’ve had to do that?

Shutterstock | Featureflash Photo Agency

Blue also starred in her mum’s music video for Formation and her dad’s music video for Family Feud. You can’t deny this kid’s star power!


Fast forward to this year’s Grammy awards, and the internet pretty much lost it when Blue Ivy told her famous parents Beyonce and Jay Z to take it easy on the clapping. 


Then, pictures emerged of Beyonce holding Blue Ivy’s juice box and snacks. Beyonce is basically seen as a god at this point, so the internet pretty much lost it when she got caught in this mom moment.

Beyonce and Blue IvyTwitter

Looks like Blue’s the only thing keeping the original Queen B on the ground with us mortals.



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