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Beyonce’s Push-Up Bra Photo Has People Talking, While Jay-Z Enjoys The View


Beyonce and Jay Z enjoyed another date night on Thursday as they attended the second round Women’s Singles match where their really good friend, Serena Williams, succeeded in regaining her dominance against Vania King.

  • This is what you need to know about that night:
  • Serena won two straight sets
  • After just seven minutes, Williams already had a 3-0 lead in the first set

The power couple enjoyed the tennis match and cheered on Williams from the tennis star’s box at the U.S. Open in New York.

However, people around the Lemonade star got a little distracted by her, well, chest. According to some media reports, the singer wasn’t afraid to show her gorgeous attributes, and people took notice.

Her pink dress with white flowers allowed Beyonce’s girls to pop a little more than usual. There’s not a lot of women that could’ve pulled that look nearly as good as queen B.

And though one would think Jay Z is more than used to his wife’s attributes, he was the first to enjoy Beyonce’s choice of clothes.

The outing isn’t the first date night this week for the power couple though. They were joined by Kim Kardashian-West, Alicia Keys and their husbands at Pasquale Jone in Manhattan’s Little Italy on Monday morning.

3therealwizz / Instagram

The group date came right after Beyonce’s VMAs performance and it gave a lot of us serious squad goals.

The Women’s Singles Match wasn’t the first time–nor will it be the last– that Jay Z has showed himself ‘drooling’ for his wife either.

On her last birthday (September 4th, 2016), Queen B celebrated with her husband at the Budweiser Made In America festival and eyewitnesses say ‘they were acting very affectionate and dancing with each other near the stage.’

6E entertainment

According to witnesses, Jay Z had his arms around Beyonce and kissed his wife during the show. The rapper was dancing behind her the whole concert.

7E entertainment

The royal couple looked so ‘normal’ that they almost fit in with the crowd as Jay Z wore a Chicago Bulls jersey with a denim jacket. Meanwhile, Beyonce looked stunning in ripped denim shorts, and a green beaded jacket. ‘They looked madly in love,’ an eyewitness said.

Now think a little while back, in June 2013, when the rapper surprised Beyonce with a kiss while she was performing at the Chime for Change concert in London. If that doesn’t say ‘love,’ we don’t know what does.

Beyonce was the headliner of that benefit concert and brought out a surprise guest during her set.

While she sang her heart out with ‘Crazy In Love’, Jay Z kissed his wife on the cheek, proving there’s nothing that says ‘I’m crazy about you’ than a sweet kiss.

Throughout that set, Beyonce performed fan favorites like ‘Single Ladies’, ‘Run The World’ and more.

And remember when he put a ring on it–again? Back in 2014, Beyonce’s jewelry got away from her on the red carpet at the 2014 Costume Institute Gala in New York City.

Fortunately, her loving husband was able to find the ring, but instead of just handing it back to her, he staged a mock proposal for the cameras and to please his wife.

He lowered himself to a bent position and took Beyonce’s hand in his and slipped the jewelry back into place. She accepted of course, with a huge smile on her face.

Is there any doubt that Jay Z still has the hots for his wife, and loves her dearly? Yeah, we didn’t think so.


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