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Justin Bieber Accidentally ‘Hits Photographer’ With Pick-Up Truck


World wide pop star Justin Bieber was involved in a collision on Wednesday night when he accidentally hit a photographer with his truck while leaving a service at the Hillsong Church group in Los Angeles. While pulling out from a street parking spot and driving at a pretty low speed, he struck the man down.

Other photographers snapped photos as Justin exited the car to see if he was alright. There are countless pictures of the 57-year-old photographer lying on the ground clutching his leg in pain, although his injuries are not visible.

The singer stayed with the photographer and spoke to the other photographers and bystanders while waiting for police and ambulance to arrive.

Not what you were expecting when you heard Justin hit a photographer? But it’s nice to know that he’s making some life changes and character development. Keep on reading to find out the details on the accident.

Video footage shows Justin leaving the church and getting into his car calmly as photographers address him and snap his photo.

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According to abc7, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian were also at the service that night, but not involved in the collision.

Justin was driving his black Dodge Ram when he struck the photographer in the knee and he fell to the ground.

He immediately got out of his car to make sure the man was okay and appeared to remain relatively calm throughout the entire ordeal.

According to Beverly Hills police Lt Scott Dowling and reported by New York Daily News, the collision occurred at ‘an extremely slow speed,’ around 9:30 p.m.

The photographer was clutching at his leg and yelling out in pain as Justin asked if he was okay or if he was injured.

His camera equipment was spread across the ground and one of his shoes had come partially off, however at one point he did joke with the star that it was bound to happen sooner or later.

The photographer was eventually taken to the hospital with minor injuries, but whatever they were they did not seem to be very apparent or life-threatening based on the photos.

While Justin was speaking to the photographer, he was calm and didn’t look too concerned when the man ignored his hand to help him up.

When the medics arrived, Justin stood off to the side with his hands in his pockets, but shortly after he began explaining what happened to the officers.

One ambulance, a fire truck, and ten police cars rushed to the scene and Justin spoke with them before returning inside the church.

Lately, the star has had an ‘intense’ relationship with his pastor, Carl Lentz, and has been called the ‘Tom Cruise’ of the Hillsong Church group.

The collision occurred just a few days after the cancellation of the final 14 shows of the Purpose World Tour.

In a statement, Justin’s management wrote: ‘’Due to unforeseen circumstances, Justin Bieber will cancel the remainder of the Purpose World Tour concerts.’

Perhaps Justin is taking some personal time to reflect. In his Instagram bio, rather than featuring self-promotion, Justin links to a sermon by Miami pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr.

‘Justin loves his fans and hates to disappoint them.’ the statement also read. According to TMZ, Justin canceled the shows due to religion, and according to a source connected to the Hillsong Church he has ‘devoted his life to Christ,’ the Daily Mail reports.


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