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16 Things You Didn’t Know About The ‘Big Bang Theory’


The Big Bang Theory has surely become a staple in many people’s rotation of shows that they like to watch. Featuring four geniuses and one stunningly beautiful girl, the show’s premise revolves around the interactions and relationships between Penny (played by Kaley Cuoco) and the four scientists who are portrayed as your stereotypical nerd.

Although the show is loved and regularly watched by many people, here are several facts that maybe only diehard fans are aware of.

Whether it is the existence of real Ph.D.’s or the idea of a theremin, here are 16 facts about The Big Bang Theory that you might not have known before.

Leonard, played by Johnny Galecki, is one of the four aforementioned scientists. He is regularly seen on the show with a pair of glasses but in reality, there are no lenses in those glasses!

Sheldon Cooper, played by Jim Parsons, can play the theremin on the show. In reality, Jim can actually play the theremin in real life. I didn’t even know a theremin was a real musical instrument, to begin with!

Mayin Bialik who plays Sheldon’s girlfriend is portrayed as a scientist (and a genius) on the show. In reality, she is a neurobiologist and has a Ph.D.

The show’s four central scientists can all play a musical instrument. But before the show first aired, they had to learn how to play those specific instruments.

Sheldon and Leonard (along with Penny) are probably the main characters of the show. Some may wonder where the origin of those names came from but they were actually derived from the name of a famous TV producer named Sheldon Leonard!

Raj is typically portrayed as a nerd on the show who has difficulty talking to women. And I mean, difficult as in he can’t say a word to them unless he is inebriated. Apparently, this was based on a real person that the director knew.

Penny and Leonard (finally) dated on the show showcasing that nerds can indeed get a beautiful girlfriend.

But in reality, the pair actually dated in real life and just chose to keep it a secret so that it wouldn’t affect their careers.

The show’s popularity is evident in all the merchandise and fanfare that it gets but it’s also popular because it just keeps getting renewed.

The show has yet to go off the air since its inception and has been given back to back three-year renewals. This means that the show is going to go for at least 10 years!

Sheldon Cooper is an extremely smart scientist on the show but tends to display many social characteristics that are typical of someone with Asperger’s syndrome.

Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon, has publicly stated that he believes the character does have Asperger’s and he portrays him as such.

The house that Howard lives in is actually the house that was used for Everybody Loves Raymond. That house is probably as old (if not older) than some of the audience that watches the show since it first appeared on air in 1996!

If you are a true fan (or just have a keen eye) you will notice that Sheldon’s temper is correlated with the color of his shirt!

Bernie, who plays Howard’s girlfriend, is known for her famous high pitched voice. But in reality, she doesn’t actually possess such a high pitched voice and she had to develop it over time for the role.

Melissa Rauch who plays Bernie on the show is portrayed as being Catholic but in reality, she is actually Jewish. And a bonus one: the ‘Soft Kitty’ song is actually based on a real song from the producer’s daughter’s pre-school.


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