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12 Beauty Trends That Could Be Everywhere In 2017


Beauty trends come and go. Some are timeless, while others exist only as fads and eventually die out. Sometimes a celebrity will introduce a new trend and the next day everyone is doing it. With a new year comes change, and also new trends! Whether they are hair trends or makeup trends, it’s always fun to see what beauty fads will become popular in a new year. Some trends that were popular in 2016 were:

  • Contour, contour and more contour
  • Kylie Jenner lip kits
  • Matte nail polish

Whether it’s your lipstick, hair or even your nails, beauty trends come and go all the time.

Here are 12 beauty trends that could be everywhere in 2017. 

1. Glitter lipstick seems to be the next big fad in lipstick. It seems like these days, the heavier your lipstick is, the better, so there’s no reason why sparkly, bright, glittery lipstick shouldn’t become a thing. What do you think?

2. Long gone are the days of blow drying your hair to style it. Why use damaging heat on your hair when you can do it the natural way? All you need is hair styling cream and your own two hands and you’re good to go.

3. Unclog those stubborn pores with the skin care trend that will take over 2017: charcoal face masks!

4. Forget about beauty blenders, it’s all about the silicone sponges this year.

5. We all saw how popular the top knot became in 2016. This year, the top knot will continue its illustrious journey in the beauty world, but with a twist (literally)! This year the top knot has a braided design, and it looks amazing! The new trend is called a mohawk braid top knot and YouTube tutorials on how to do it are already popping up everywhere.

6. Watch out for holographic and rainbow metallic colors on all your makeup accessories this year.

 7. Metallic nails are definitely going to make a comeback this year. Goodbye matte, hello metallic!

8. Not only will metallic nail polish be a hit in 2017, so will powder nail polish.

9. Lip gel patches help to remove dead skin cells and also keep your lips hydrated. These gel patches are great for anyone who constantly has dry, chapped lips. It supposedly helps to plump up your lips too, so skip the lip injections and just grab a lip patch.

10. This new device, called a jade roller, will improve the circulation in your neck and face and is set to become huge in 2017.

 11. These pretty brushes help distribute your makeup more evenly and easily.

12. 2016 was the year of the contour. 2017 will be the year of dot contouring.


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