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9 Of The Biggest Bodybuilding Fails Around The World


Bodybuilding is unique because it’s the only sport where it consumes 24 hours of your day and 365 days of your year. For basketball or baseball or soccer, there are off-seasons, there are periods of time where the sport isn’t being played. But professional bodybuilders are ‘playing’ everyday. The 2 or 3 hours that a lifter puts in the gym is regarded as the easy part, the other 22 or 21 hours of the day is where the hard part comes into play. Diet and nutrition play a key role in sculpting a physique, that’s why professionals have to spend more time and effort OUT of the gym than in the gym.

But sometimes people take it a little too far and body dysmorphia becomes a real thing.

Here are several individuals who took bodybuilding a little too far.

1. In bodybuilding, it is important to breathe and exhale (especially heavy weight) since a lack of oxygen can make you pass out. In a video, you can see a young  man pull a weight up to his shoulders before he executes a push press. But for some reason the boy topples over with the bar barely missing his face as he falls down. In the image, you can see the coach or trainer quickly rushing to his aid just as he is on the brink of falling backwards.

Screenshot 2017-03-06 at 12.00.56 PMSport Motivation

2. Spotters are essential to any serious weight lifter. Being trapped under a bar is never any fun and some gym injuries have even resulted in death. This gentleman is bench pressing in his basement gym but he is clearly struggling because he cannot get the weight off his chest. He is essentially pinned to the bench with the bar on top of him. Either get yourself a spotter, or don’t put the ‘clips’ on the ends of the bar so you can just ‘spill’ the weights off.

Screenshot 2017-03-06 at 12.00.14 PMSport Motivation

3. Even with a spotter, there is no 100% surefire safety net. A spotter needs to know what he or she is doing. If you’re struggling they should provide enough help where you still need to exert energy to finish the rep but are not fully fatiguing yourself. In this case, the spotter was not in a ready position to help his buddy when the lift got too difficult. He dropped over 300 pounds on his chest and is super lucky the bar didn’t land on his neck.

Screenshot 2017-03-06 at 12.01.28 PMSport Motivation

4. Here is an unfortunate case of synthol being used. Synthol is an oil that is a muscle filler. It is a substance that is ‘pinned’ between the skin and muscle giving it this ‘bloated’ or ‘ballooned’ look. A piece of muscle is usually dense and filled with striations, so an obvious sign of synthol use is the lack of detail or any definition on the muscle.

Screenshot 2017-03-06 at 12.01.10 PMSport Motivation

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