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The 7 Biggest Lies We Were Told About History

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Learning about history has become pretty popular over the years. People have been studying the subject their entire lives. From legends about George Washington to historical Egyptian mummies, everyone loves knowing something about the past, regardless what the topic may be.

It’s hard knowing whether or not the historical information that is being told to us is actually true. We’d like to think that the people who are telling us these historical facts know what they are talking about and aren’t making stuff up.

But is there really a way to tell if historical events actually happened? I mean, historians weren’t there when the events took place, right? Here are 7 of the biggest historical lies we were told about:

1. For many years people have been taught that Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492. But this is actually a downright lie.

#1 Land of LegendsLandofLegends

The truth actually is that America was settled by nomadic tribes crossing the Bering land bridge across Alaska thousands of years ago.

#2 Tiki-Tokitiki-toki

There’s also evidence of Vikings coming to the land shortly after. If anything, Columbus’ voyage created the colonization and conquest of natives.

#3 St John's College, Cambridgest john's college, cambridge

2. We all know the famous line said by Paul Revere “The British are coming! The British are Coming!” during his midnight ride.


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