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10 Biggest Online Shopping Fails


The internet has been growing a lot over the past few years, and one thing that is becoming increasingly popular to do is shop online. This can result in awesome deals, and also large loads without having to carry anything on your own.

There’s nothing more exciting than the sight of that package showing up on your doorstep on delivery day. It’s like having an early Christmas every time an order comes in!

However there are some situations when shopping online that you might not be ordering exactly what’s been advertised. Whether it be a sizing difference, or a material error, there have been some pretty hilarious online shopping mishaps.

Here is a list of 10 worst online shopping fails that will definitely make you consider just doing all of your shopping the old fashioned way.

1. Snake Belt: Here’s one reason why it’s important to check user reviews… this person thought they were going to get a realistic looking snake belt. It almost looks like a real snake in the advertisement.

What the person got however looks more like a grade school craft. The over-sized belt buckle barely resembles the head of a snake and the round beaded eyes are just ridiculous.

2. Bathing Suits: Bikini season is a stressful time for ladies, as bodies change and bathing suits wear out quickly. Also, who wants to try on bikinis in the cold of winter and spring when you can just order something cute online? That’s exactly what this girl tried to do but the results were less than flattering.

Instead of receiving this sleek black bathing suit with a few gaps that show off just a little bit more skin, she received this strange chest cage that goes down way lower than advertised. It’s also extremely loose and looks like it’s made from a different material.

3. Halloween Costumes: During this spooky time of year, many people flock to Halloween pop-up shops to pick up their costumes. This woman decided to purchase a cute Princess Leia costume, but what arrived in the mail was something completely different.

Instead of the cute fitted costume advertised, this woman got something that looked more like a thin bed sheet. Last time I checked this wasn’t a Casper the friendly ghost costume.

4. Wigs: With costume parties and cosplay events at conventions becoming increasingly popular, online vendors decided to bank on this and several shops popped up offering wigs for attractive prices. However when you’re buying a wig, if you’re spending anything under thirty dollars-you can’t exactly expect the best quality.

-Although luscious and life-looking wigs have been advertised on some of these sights, what you end up getting might look more like a plastic mess.

5. Wedding Dress: Every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful on the day of her wedding and shopping online for a wedding dress is definitely risky business. Even if you stumble across an incredibly gorgeous gown, unless you’re seeing it with your own eyes you never really know what you’re going to get.

This poor woman did not receive the dress she was hoping for, and rather than looking like a high fashion bride she looks more like a trash fashion bride.

6. Leggings: This popular and comfortable article of clothing can be found in almost every girl’s closet. They come in a variety of styles and fits and are great for working out or casual wear. Even though they’re often made from thin material, leggings can be pretty pricey so finding a deal online might seem like a score!

Unless you’re this woman who didn’t pay as much attention as she could have to this advertisement for a pair of gold leggings. I guess she didn’t notice that the model was actually a Bratz doll.

7. More Bad Dresses: It’s not just wedding dresses that can be misleading, everything from prom to afternoon lunch dresses can go so wrong, it’s almost laughable. Like this girl who was going for a semi revealing but flattering black dress.

What she ended up with was not at all how to dress was advertised. The girl’s body type isn’t even that different from the model’s, so that definitely isn’t the issue. You can see that the sheer gaps are much wider than advertised which would make this dress look awkward on anyone.

8. Foam Skirt: When this girl decided on a cute pleated skirt that had a subtle poof, there is nothing that could have prepared her for the disaster this manufacturer tried to pull off.

What she received was a skirt in a different color and made out of a strange foamy material. This looks more like the folds of a curtain than the dainty pleats she was going for. Talk about disappointing.

9. Slit Pants: This elegant and cheekily revealing pair of pants looks great on the model! They can be dressed up or down and one woman thought they would be perfect for her wardrobe.

That is until it arrived and she realized that it was a little bit more revealing than she had expected. These pants look more like a loin cloth, and she most likely wanted something that covered up a little bit more skin.

10. Pet toys: It’s always important to make sure that you are purchasing from a reliable source when you shop online. Checking things like user reviews can help to give you an idea if what you’re going to receive is legit! Even things for your pet can be misleading. Like this poor cat who just wanted a cat tower.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 2.43.12 PMwalmart

What he got? Well, it is a cat tower, but only if your cat is really small. This poor kitty might be able to scratch one paw at a time, but lets face it—this isn’t even a big enough tower for a hamster.


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