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8 Times Bill Burr Said It Like It Is


Bill Burr has made a living off “telling it like it is”. His comedy takes no prisoners, but it also doesn’t attack anyone in particular. He hates everyone equally, and he’ll tell you it. You can hear his thoughts on just about anything in his stand-up routine or podcast, but he’s also been in several television shows and movies.

  • Breaking Bad
  • F Is For Family
  • Date Night

While his humor rubs some people the wrong way, he’s been at the top of the comedy charts for years now. He gets most of his laughs by saying things that you might have been a little uncomfortable saying yourself.

Here are eight times Burr has said what we were all thinking: 

Super Bowl parties – If you can’t tell me the score of the game at anytime, get out. It’s not about the commercials, it’s about the game.


People dressing up for Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter – It’s ironic that he’s so popular on the internet. We feed your family Bill.


Being single – Usually that is the point of no return. You have to wonder how Burr has settled down now – he has a wife and a kid on the way. 

Marriage – Thrill-seekers are weird people though, they might just do it.

Office life – If you’re sitting in a cubicle right now, he just ruined your day. Wait, I’m sitting in a cubicle right now…

Inter-racial sex – Better than everything else that can go on behind closed doors? I disapprove of what he says, but I’ll defend to the death his right to say it.

 Storytelling – It’s true. A story with no wrongdoing isn’t worth telling. Especially on stage in front of hundreds of people.


Growing up – If that’s true, boy did Burr have a rough childhood.  It gave him enough ammo for well into his forties (he’s 48). He’s been taking it out on people for decades.



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