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Study Shows That There Is Some Sort Of Link Between Your Birth Month And Your Health

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A recent study suggests that the diseases you may or may not develop in life are linked to your birth month. It is not the first study that was conducted that has reached this conclusion. The research, published in the journal Medicina Clinica, does not establish a causal relationship between birth month and disease. However, substantial associations were found.

The research team gathered 29,000 participants born in various months and found that certain diseases were often found with people who were born in a specific month of the year. It may just be an instance of correlation, not causation—the author even states that “this paper is not intended to establish a causality.” However, there have been some attempts to explain it.

Seasonal factors, for example, can be a contributing force and are of influence, particularly while the child is still developing in the womb. Other factors can be antigens, like pollen and viruses (which are more prevalent in certain months), as well as the intake of Vitamin D—all of which are present factors that have the ability to influence future conditions.

According to the findings, men who were born in September are three times more likely to develop thyroid problems in comparison to those born in the month of January.

As for women, those born in the month of July are 27 percent more likely to develop high blood pressure overall.

The research also found that for men born in June, the risk of suffering from depression was 34 percent lower than the average. 

For women born in June, the study revealed that they were 33 percent less likely to develop migraines.

Many publications have also studied this phenomenon. Though there is no definitive causal relationship, they have all found links to diseases like Crohn’s disease.

Some have even found a connection between schizophrenia and birth month. These connections, namely of mental illness and birth month, are particularly fascinating.

Other diseases that have been studied include various cancers such as brain cancer and were also found to have links to people born in specific months of the year.

Though these studies are limited in what they can tell us given that they do not establish causality, there are proven ways to reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases in life like maintaining a balanced diet and exercising regularly.


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