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Bizarre Beauty Standards From The Past


We live in a world with some pretty insane beauty standards. But in the past, beauty standards were much worse (and we’re thankful to leave those behind). From

  • Makeup Visors,
  • Moles,
  • To Strange Shoes.

People, and especially women, have gone to extreme lengths to achieve ‘perfection.’ Some of these trends are so wild that they actually look painful.

Check out these 10 crazy beauty standards from the past that you’ll hardly believe existed.

15th-17th Centuries: Chopine: In the 15th-18th centuries, women would wear these chopine shoes to protect their clothing from mud and to show their high social position.

Back then, shoes were what people used to identify their status. The height of them went up to 50 cm which can get tricky to walk in! So ladies would need the assistance of their maid.

1939 Makeup Protection: Before the days of sealing sprays or finishing powders, this was the way ladies protected their makeup from rain and snowfall. Seems a bit excessive and they were a bit inefficient considering they fogged up pretty easily.  

Renaissance High Forehead: During this time period, a tall rounded forehead was pretty popular. Women would shave the hair over their forehead to create the look. They would also pluck out all of their eyebrows.

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