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These 16 Freakish Creatures May Be Proof That There Is Evil In The World


There are innumerable creatures with an equally innumerable number of ways for taking care of their business. For example, a quick study will reveal many interesting forms of:

  • self-defense
  • strange mating strategies

Nature is fascinating with its abundance of diversity.

Here are 17 strange and awesome creatures that will totally creep you out!

The Horror Frog makes his own claws by breaking his own bones, which then somehow puncture through the pads on their feet and form sharp claws.


The Blanket Octopus fills a testicle with sperm and then rips it off and presents it to the female Blanket Octopus for a lovely romantic gift. It’s also immune to the stings of the lethal jellyfish.


This cute but vicious bird has found a way to immobilize and kill his bird-predators with his own barf! He barfs up an oily orange substance that makes the predators feathers stick together like glue. Then the predator dives into the ocean to wash off his feathers and accidentally drowns.


This cordyceps, a parasitic fungus, grows on the tarantula by eating away at all of the spider’s tissue. This is what it winds up looking like.


This human-like mouth, including the gold cavity-like filling, actually belongs to a fish! The lips and even plaque on the teeth look so eerily human-like.


The cow has a reputation for being meek and tame, but it’s actually a killer of humans! At least 100 people die every year from being trampled to death by cows.


Cannibals are always to be feared…. The shark eats everything in sight including its own babies!


These Flatworms duel to the death with their penises for the lucky job of fertilizing a female Flatworm.


Split this rock-like thing in two to find human-like guts bleeding out. This creature is called a Pyura Chilensis. They’re hermaphrodic by puberty although they’re born male. They reproduce by spraying clouds of sperm into the water and try bumping into each other.


Just one drop of snake venom has this effect on human blood! Why were you ever scared of vampires?


Why you shouldn’t complain when you bite your tongue… This parasite locks onto a fish’s tongue, eats it, and remains in the fish’s mouth until the fish dies!


The Botfly Larva decided to nest itself under this poor woman’s eyelid….


Did you know elephants are afraid of pigs? Ancient warriors used pigs in battle to scare of elephants with their loud squeals. Sometimes the heroic pigs were even lit on fire during the battle to further frighten the elephants.


In 2006 in Hamburg, Germany, over 1000 toads swelled up and exploded for no reason at all! Actually, it was later discovered that local crows ate their livers while somehow avoiding the poison in their skin.


These Coconut Crabs devour neighborhood kittens and chickens. Their legs reach out up to three feet and they can even climb trees!


Sharks will always grow their teeth back after losing them while devouring some poor creature. That’s because they’re not teeth, they’re actually sharp scales.



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